Environmentally Friendly Wedding Favors

Environmentally Friendly Wedding Favors

A wedding of about 150 – 200 friends and relatives is certainly going to leave a carbon footprint. With the social conscious now trying to reduce carbon emissions and the push towards carbon neutral product we can as individuals make a difference. Even on our wedding day. Planning a green wedding is not as difficult as it seems. There are venues you can book which are carbon neutral along with alternatives for nearly everything you’ll need on the day. Wedding favors or bonbonnieres are but another way in which you can reduce your carbon emissions. Here are some ideas for your green wedding favors.

One option you might consider is seed packet wedding favors. You can create a recycled paper packet which you can personalise with your names and date of the wedding and inside you can place some seeds for planting. You may also pair these with mini flower pots which will be unique and practical alternative to the traditional wedding favors.

You may also choose a mini plant for your wedding favors. It can be individually wrapped and personalised with your names and date of the wedding. The plants can range from palm plants, to drought resistant plants or evergreens. This a perfect idea for a wedding favor, as who wouldn’t like to receive plants as a gift.

One of the more obvious eco-friendly wedding favor ideas for couples is to give something organic. Organic chocolates can be a nice wedding favor which you can package in recycled boxes. You may also wish to make a donation to an eco friendly charity. Some couples may choose to not give wedding bonbonnieres or to receive gifts but instead have donated all of these funds to the planting of trees to offset their weddings carbon footprint.

Choosing environmentally friendly wedding favors can be as simply as purchasing these locally. Much of the carbon consumed is associated with the transportation of goods especially from overseas. But buying home-grown or local products and gifts you can significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

Bamboo coasters or placemats are another cute eco-friendly bonbonniere idea. Bamboo is said to be lucky and it is luckiest when received as a gift. It is also a symbol of strength and success. All of these themes can be incorporated with your wedding and your life long journey together. By adding a personalised note or tag with the gift could make it just a little more special.
Energy efficient light bulbs, organic candles are some other options for consideration when choosing your wedding favors.

Having an environmentally friendly wedding is easier than you may have thought. It definitely requires planning on your part. Wedding favors are not the only product you can get that is eco friendly for your wedding. Wedding gowns are now made out of hemp. You can also purchase completely bio degradable wedding confetti. Venues can be completely carbon neutral. Simply purchasing domestic products are another way of keeping your wedding environmentally friendly. Have fun planning your green wedding Day!