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Elegant Cream and Black Wedding Invitations

Elegant Cream and Black Wedding Invitations

Most people don’t think of black when they think about weddings, but black is one of the main colors this year. Especially popular is the combination of “butter and black” better known as cream and black. For evening or formal weddings, nothing is more elegant than simple black invitations especially when they are embellished or ribboned to match your colors. From the moment they arrive, these invitations set the tone and help you create the feel you want. Here are a few design suggestions to consider when choosing your invitation.

1. Printable Black Pocket Folders: When choosing printable pocket folders you accomplish two goals in one, you can choose the style of invitation you want and save almost 50% of the cost by printing them yourselves. Most internet sites allow you to choose from a variety of ribbon colors to accent your pocket folder and here is where you can be very creative. You can go with a cream and black motif so that the pocket folder is black and the card stock, RSVP cards and ribbons are cream, or you can vary the ribbon color to burnt sienna, purple, gold, silver, or any other color that reflects your style and imagination.

2. Printable Black Layered Invitations: If you are on a limited budget or want a simpler invitation, or are using this for the many other wedding related events that require invitations, the layered style is for you. Here the background is a black card and the cream invitation card is attached to it giving a “layered” look. There are many designs to choose from here, you can have the invitation card attached by a colored ribbon of your choice or you can “sash’ the invitation card around the middle with a ribbon of your choice or you can embellish the ribbon with beads or jewels. And as these are print it yourself kits, you again can save 50% or more. You can also use this style of invitations to compliment the pocket folder. So, for example, you may use the pocket folders for your wedding invitations and the layered invitations for the Bride and Groom Shower, or Rehearsal Dinner invites.

3. Printable Black Bordered Invitations: Let’s say you only want a hint of black, then the bordered invitation is the one to look for. Here you can choose from a simple white or cream card with a black border, or a layered invitation where the invitation card is large enough that only a small border of the black background card is showing. These can serve equally well as the main wedding invitation or as rehearsal dinner or shower invites. And they also give you the same great savings.

Whichever style you choose, black wedding invitations are an elegant and beautiful choice.