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DIY Wedding Idea – Stencils

DIY Wedding Idea – Stencils

When you are planning a wedding, it is really fun to engage your creative side with some DIY projects. This is a great way to add personality and style to your wedding while keeping costs low. These are some beautiful wedding projects that can be created with stencils.

Wedding invitations are one of the easiest DIY wedding projects to undertake. With nice paper and a decent printer, you can get very professional looking results. A wonderful way to add a personal touch to your invitations is to stencil a design onto them. You can buy a stencil of a pretty floral or a modern geometric design, or create your own from a piece of plastic. If you decide to make your own stencil, a monogram would be ideal.

For the invitations, there are a few ways to use a stencil. For a small motif, print the invitations first, and then add your stencil as an accent on the top. Another beautiful effect is to stencil a larger image, such as a flowering branch, in a pale color, and then use a dark ink to overprint the lettering. Just be sure to allow plenty of drying time between steps.

Wedding stencils can be used to create larger items as well. Keep in mind that you do not have to limit yourself to stenciling on paper. It can also be done on fabric or walls. A very unique and beautiful decoration for a ceremony would be a fabric hanging stenciled with a large monogram or other design. The fabric can be suspended behind the altar for a one-of-a-kind backdrop. If your wedding is in your own home, you can even think about stenciling a monogram or a large floral pattern right onto the wall. You can always plan to paint over it after the wedding, and the dramatic effect will be well worth the effort.

Stencils are often seen on beautiful old country furniture, and this is a technique that would be wonderful for a wedding. Pick up some old vintage furniture at a flea market, and put your own stamp on it by stenciling on a wreath or floral pattern. Imagine how special a painted low bureau would look holding the escort cards or favors at a shabby chic style reception. Even if you are using mostly rented pieces, you could pick up a neat old pair of chairs to decorate in this manner for the bride and groom’s seats.

The wedding favors are a great place to try your hand at stenciling. Choose any type of favor that you like, and place it in a small paper bag or cardboard box. You can use your stencil to add character to the packaging and give your favors that really customized look. This same idea can be used for your bridesmaid gifts. Select pretty bridesmaid gifts, such as dainty pearl earrings, and then make them even more special by presenting them in hand-stenciled boxes. The personal touch will make your gifts even more heartfelt and thoughtful.

There is no end to the different things that you can create for your wedding using a stencil. The key is to choose one special motif that you can carry throughout the wedding. The attention to detail will make your ceremony and reception feel very unique and personal.