Discover the Best Features and Benefits of Auditorium Conferencing

Discover the Best Features and Benefits of Auditorium Conferencing

Every communication channel requirement of a business has its own corresponding solution. If you need a large venue to conduct such large conferences, what you need is Auditorium Conferencing.

Auditorium Conferencing (also known as AC) serves the convenience of hosting and managing a conference, supported with excellent customer care support. It allows accommodation of up to 300 participants with a proper guidance from professional staffs. A dedicated team, with the presence of an event manager, will help you plan and facilitate the conference to fully establish a successful event. Conference support specialist also sees to it that all the participants can access the conference.

Auditorium Conferencing is typically best suited for most business applications such as:

  • Employee communications – allows a wide range of communication between employees within a company or its other branches or even with other companies.
  • Sales training – strategic business planning and trainings can be held positively on this type of conference.
  • New product introductions – AC is a perfect event to make announcement regarding new products and services offered by the company
  • Human Resources updates – management can give information about company’s profile and updates; and everyone can take the opportunity to ask and make queries regarding new policies and system updates of the company, as well.

There are certain benefits that Auditorium Conferencing offers:

  • Avoid interruption – When you want to deliver information and message without any interruption, AC is the ideal solution.
  • Get feedback – With the option to hold multiple Q&A sessions throughout the call, it allows participant feedback in an organized method.
  • Cost effective – AC is streamlined and automated compared to traditional operator-assisted service resulting in a cost effective way to host large-scale events.

Also, auditorium conferencing has the following features:

  • An audio check prior to the call that ensures the sound is clear
  • Pre- and post-conference support enabling a private speakers’ conference before and after the call.
  • Customized opening and closing script.
  • Electronic Q&A.
  • Polling sessions.
  • WEB RSVP so you can capture accurate information on who will be attending your conference call.
  • PIN code validation. Once a participant has RSVP on the Web, they are assigned a unique PIN code to join the meeting.