Christian Wedding – A Beautiful Ceremony

Christian Wedding – A Beautiful Ceremony

Wedding in the Christian community is a very graceful affair. Christian marriages reflect lot of divinity or God’s covenant in many customs and traditions followed in the wedding celebrations that are commonly followed. Christians religiously follow take their marriage vows and customs. Before the couple actually gets married, there is a rehearsal of the ceremony and the minister explains the meaning of each and every vow that they are about to take. It is believed that many of the customs observed in Christian matrimony are closely associated with the blood covenant of the Old Testament, which in clear terms indicates that the marriage is a physical as well as spiritual union.

In Christian Matrimonial, the family members, friends, near and dear ones of the bride and the groom sit on the opposite sides of the church. These close members help the couple prepare for the wedding ceremony as well as support them at every step of this holy union. The ceremony is equally very beautiful and it seems that there is some divine presence offering blessings to the couple there. The meeting ground is considered the central aisle which is basically a long pathway between the two sides of the church. It is believed that God joins two lives and showers blessings on their union and the white runner symbolize this union.

In Christian matrimony, it is believed that during the time of Bible, for discerning God’s will, the parents of the prospective groom and bride were chosen to find a spouse for their son or daughter. Therefore, the seating plan of parents in a prominent place during wedding ceremony symbolizes their duty and responsibility for the union of the couple.

The wedding dress in Christian matrimony is also very graceful just like the ceremony. A Christian bride wears a western style white gown that is beautifully designed with embellishments and sequins. The bride also wears a white veil on her face and a beautiful tiara on her head. The whole ensemble looks ravishingly beautiful. The groom wears a suit preferably in black or navy blue, which is the color for all seasons. The bride also carries a beautiful bouquet of flowers of her choice.

Several pre wedding rituals in a Christian matrimony are enjoyed with full enthusiasm and happiness. Bridal shower is one such pre wedding custom wherein the friends of the bride host a party. It is just like a hen party where everyone simply lets go of themselves and enjoys with great enthusiasm. It is an informal party, a kind of female get together. Songs, music, dance, joy and laughter fills the evening and the bride enjoys her last day before marriage with her friends. The bride receives presents from her friends, relatives and acquaintances on this day along with the good wishes and blessings for a happy married life.

A pink cake is served to the bride’s friends where a thimble is hidden. It is the unique feature of the cake and it is believed that the girl who gets this thimble while consuming the cake would be the one to get married next. With her spirits high, this day is etched as a wonderful memory in the mind of the bride. Similarly, there is a bachelor’s party which is hosted for the groom by his friends as well. It is like a bachelor’s party and is organized on the same lines of the bridal shower. The entire Christian matrimony is filled with genuine love, joy and happiness and marks the journey of the bride and the groom as they embark the beautiful phase of their marital life.