Backpacking in Los Angeles – Tips to Find Good Hostels

Backpacking in Los Angeles – Tips to Find Good Hostels

Located in California, Los Angeles – affectionately referred to as the City of Angels – is the second largest city in the United States. One of the most happening cities on the planet, this is a place that has an immense amount to offer to the backpacker who arrives here for a holiday.


There are a host of things to see and do in Los Angeles – once a backpacker sets foot in Los Angeles, there promises to be no dull moment. However, before embarking upon the exploration of these sights and wonders of Los Angeles, the budget traveler needs to find a good place to stay; exploring a city without a place to rest your head is too much even for the hardiest of backpackers.

Situated in Windward Avenue is the Venice Beach Cotel – a great Los Angeles Hostel for the backpacker and the budget traveler. From great facilities and services to a picturesque view of the surrounding beach, this hostel has it all. As the coinage ‘Cotel’ suggests, they strive to make a blend between the luxuries of a hotel with the cost effectiveness of a hostel.

Out of the many Los Angeles Hostels, another one that looks good and offers great services is the Duo Hostel. This one makes for an ideal stay for students, as it offers dormitories available at cheap rates. The location of this hostel is also quite good, with many supermarkets and coffee shops at a stones throw away.

Once you are settled in a cozy hostel, you can start checking out the city for real. Given below are some of the attractions that are one must not miss during backpacking in Los Angeles.

Things to do in LA

Undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions in LA is Hollywood Boulevard, with people from all over the world flocking here to look at the home of cinema. The Hollywood Boulevard houses the Walk of Fame, which is iconic as it is enjoyable to visit. One should also not miss the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, which is widely considered the birthplace of American cinema.

Another great thing to do in Los Angeles is to take the Downtown Art Walk, which is a free tour around the art galleries that dot downtown Los Angeles. The Museum for Contemporary Art is one of the major galleries that you can see while taking this tour. It’s famous for housing many masterpieces of impressionist painting.

For backpackers who take great interest in sports, watching a live professional sport match at one of the six major auditoriums in Los Angeles is something to be cherished. World-famous teams that play here include the LA Dodgers, the LA Lakers, the LA Clippers and more.

For a bird’s eye view of the entire city, splashing out on a helicopter ride is well worth the money. This ride takes you all over the city; needless to say, you get a breathtaking view of the metropolis below

The traveler who is interested in outdoor tranquility, meanwhile, can head to the Griffith Park, a scenic spot for an enjoyable picnic with friends and family. The Bronson Ave hiking trail is the most popular trek here because of the spectacular views that it offers – it’s certainly worth seeking out.