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An Angelic Theme Wedding

An Angelic Theme Wedding

Looking for a divine theme for your wedding? An angelic theme might be just what you seek. Learn how to create a “heavenly” wedding, full of angels, ethereal details, and beauty.

Without a doubt, an angelic theme wedding should be held in a church. Welcome your guests with a pair of gilt angels on the church doors. An angel motif can also be used as the cover image of the wedding programs. Gold and ivory or gold and white would be the perfect color scheme for this wedding theme. If you like things which are very cute, you might select a darling cherub as your signature design to carry throughout your wedding, or for a more sophisticated style, opt for a golden silhouette of a an angel (shown in profile so her wings are clearly seen). You can also purchase unity candles which are printed with angels to help bring the theme into the wedding ceremony.

Ethereal is a perfect word to keep in mind for an angelic theme wedding. The bride should appear to float down the aisle, almost like she was an angel herself. To that end, select a wedding gown made from a very soft fabric, such as one made from layer upon layer of floaty chiffon. A long veil in a single layer will flow beautifully into the chiffon wedding gown. Clear crystal earrings will add just the right touch of sparkle, while keeping the entire effect very light and airy. Short crystal drop earrings will better suit this theme than bold chandelier earrings. If you wish, the flower girl could even wear a set of delicate angel wings over a white flower girl dress.

All white wedding flowers will help enhance the angelic theme. White feathers make a wonderful addition to the blossoms, as they will be a subtle nod to angel wings. Use fluffy white feathers to create a ruff around a bouquet of white lilies and roses for a pure and heavenly bridal bouquet. A unique idea for the altar flowers is to use masses of white baby’s breath to create ethereal arrangements which will look almost like clouds. Set them into very tall footed urns or vases on pedestals on either side of the altar.

You can have some fun bringing the angelic theme to life with the wedding music. Of course there are traditional religious songs about angels which would be appropriate for the ceremony part of the wedding, but at the reception you can get a bit creative with the theme. There are numerous songs from popular culture over the decades which refer to angels, everything from Madonna’s “You’re an Angel” to “Angel Eyes”. It is up to you if you want to stay reverent with your theme, or to get a little silly throwing in some other songs which reference angels.

At the wedding reception, the angelic theme can be created in many ways. In keeping with the ethereal feeling, drape the ceiling of the venue with sheer white fabric, perhaps with tiny white lights within it. The white feathers can make another appearance in the centerpieces to great effect. You can even have an ice sculpture made to resemble your signature angel or cherub motif. A special blessing at the start of the meal would be another nice touch. End the evening with an angelic wedding favor to help your guests remember your very special wedding.