A Dogwood Blossom Wedding

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Trees and flowers burst into bloom and brides make earnest plans for their weddings. If you are looking for a unique theme for that special occasion, you might want to consider a dogwood blossom wedding. Now days cherry blossoms, tulips and roses are very popular floral selections but dogwood trees personify spring more than any other tree and are admired for their lovely blooms and spring time display. Dogwood trees range across most of North America and last for about 2 weeks although dogwoods bloom earlier in the south than trees in the North. Dogwood petals are actually called bracts and can vary in shade from snowy white to vibrant pink and red. Whatever your colors, these blooms will add dramatic charm and make your wedding a once in a life time event.

If you’ve decided that the dogwood blossom theme is for you it’s time to decide how to incorporate and use these gorgeous blooms in your wedding. Do you prefer white, pink or red flowers? Perhaps you would like to use all three shades. If you have come to decision on color lets look at some unique uses for using these lovely dogwoods.

Wedding Decoration –

Using dogwood blooms for your wedding decor will be a unique experience and a lot of fun. Dogwood branches are usually thin and and can be used to bedeck candlelabras candles, church pews and they make stunning centerpieces. Take branches of dogwood blooms and wrap them like garland around your candlelabras and candles, use any color candles you like, although for weddings white and ivory are popular choices. For mantles, drape blooming branches across the length of the fireplace and intersperse with candles, crystals or semi precious stones. You might mix them with other spring flowers from the garden like azaleas and magnolia. The showy blooms whatever shade, will add charm and make a lovely display. Last but not least make dogwood blossom centerpieces, you might use candles embellished with dogwood blossoms, again you can mix them with other flowers in old willow baskets festooned with ribbons or show them in crystal vases if you like. Cascading red dogwood flowers called “Cherokee Chiefs” make a striking display your guests will rave about for years to come.

Religious Use of Dogwood Blooms –

Dogwood blossoms have a special legend attached to them. If you are a religious or Christian bride you will love the significance and story behind the dogwood tree. It is said that the dogwood was a hearty tree whose wood was used to make the cross of Jesus. It became so distressed, it slenderized it’s trunk and branches so it could never again be used for such a purpose. The lovely bracts are shaped like a cross and the center resembles a crown of thorns. Red smudges embellish the ends of the bracts and signify the blood of Jesus. You might decide to drape the alter and pews with these lovely blooms to show your Christian beliefs.

Dogwood Blossom use for gifts and favors –

Dogwood blooms make lovely gift wrap decor on boxes. Take dogwood blooms and adorn them with festive ribbons on small favor boxes. Inside you might have delicious truffles, bottle stoppers, soaps, candles. An adorable choice of favors might be a honey jars embellished with dogwood blooms and personalized labels. Your choice of favors is entirely up to you.

Dogwood Blooms in bouquets and hair –

Dogwood blooms can be used in the bride’s and bridemaids bouquets. Take dogwood blooms and allow them to cascade. Festoon with ribbons and mix with other spring flowers if you like. Brides and bridesmaids will love weaving them into their hair with combs, tiaras and veils. Groomsmen might use them for boutonnieres.

Dogwood blossoms are truly memorable and you will love the magnificent display and beauty they will add to your wedding. They are easy to find in the spring and they will be a truly unique theme that is different from most other brides.