7 Tips + Tricks for Summer Wedding Success

7 Tips + Tricks for Summer Wedding Success

Wedding Inspo | June 6, 2022

7 Tips + Tricks for Summer Wedding Success

Nothing shouts summer like a wedding! According to The Knot, the most popular months to get married are between May and October (gorg!). With warm weather and sunshine, it makes sense that a summer wedding is one of the most popular times for engaged couples to celebrate their love stories!  

Planning a wedding is hard work, but so worth it once all the details fall together. Summertime offers various venue options. From an outdoor wedding at a local vineyard to a ceremony with mountain views or even a quaint wedding on the beach, the options are endless! To ensure your summer wedding is a total success, read our best summer wedding tips and tricks, and sign up for our exclusive Maggie text messages below!:

Get Inspired for a Summer Wedding

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Whether you’ve been pinning to a wedding board on Pinterest for years, or just began brainstorming your vision after your significant other popped the question, it’s always a good idea to gain inspiration before you get into the nitty-gritty of planning your wedding.

To find even more wedding ideas for summer, you can try scrolling through social media and saving photos from wedding magazines to add to poster paper or a folder for safekeeping. Bookmarking websites with photography and ideas that match the summer wedding style you want to emulate is another option.

Having an aesthetic is key, and you’ll find that saving ideas gives you a roadmap as you navigate picking out a reception venue, ceremony location, decor, wedding dress, flower arrangements, and even colors for your summer wedding. To stay organized, consider investing in a wedding planner or notebook that you can take with you to service appointments and stores where you’ll be finding items for the big day.

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Set a Wedding Budget

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There’s a lot that goes into your wedding, so don’t let the financial aspect of planning stress you out. To ease this feeling, figure out how much you can afford (or are willing) to spend on your special day, and develop a spending plan. (Reading our blog on the ultimate wedding budget is a great start!) Think about the different financial resources that could help your budget as well.

Discuss any expected family contributions to cover costs with your partner and other financial management strategies: decide whether or not you want to take out a personal loan, learn about a personal line of credit, research credit card options, sign up for a cash-back rewards card, or ask vendors and venues about potential installment payment plans they offer. Looking into different options and getting opinions on what may be best for your situation is a good way to ease money-related stress. After you do your research, consider talking with a financial advisor to ensure it’s the best avenue for financing your wedding day.

Book Your Venue

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Picking a location is one of the most important parts of your wedding, and there are a lot of different details to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Ask yourself if you’ll be hosting the ceremony and reception at the same venue, or are you interested in having those at two separate places? 

As you’re touring venues, here are some questions to ask:

  • What dates do they have available?
  • Are there discounts available for the day or time of your festivities?
  • Do they have any noise or time restrictions (this could affect how long your reception could potentially last)?
  • What is their cancellation policy?
  • Is there insurance coverage available in case you have to cancel or reschedule?
  • Are there in-house caterers and bartenders or what are the recommended places to outsource from?
  • What materials do they supply? Some venues may provide items like chairs, tables, and tablecloths, meaning fewer items you’ll have to rent or buy.
  • Are they using sustainable practices for their venue?

Make a list of questions and be sure to take notes throughout the duration of your tours. That way, you’ll be able to weigh out options when it comes time to put down a security deposit.

Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Once you have your vision, financial aspects planned out, and an idea of what to ask your potential venue manager, it’s now time to find your dream dress. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a tough decision, which is why it’s a good idea to figure out your style beforehand. Having this in mind when you go to try on dresses will be super beneficial, not just for you, but also for the stylist trying to find you THE dress.

Don’t forget, for a summer wedding you may want to go for a dress with lighter fabric so you don’t get too warm. If you find one you really like, but it has a lot of layers, you can always talk to your stylist or tailor to see if some of the tule can be cut out or replaced (hello, personalizations!).

When you go dress shopping, consider bringing people from your wedding party and your closest family members. Having these extra set of eyes may allow you to receive honest opinions about the fit, style and overall look of the dresses you’re trying on. Ultimately, you need to love the dress, so go with what makes you most comfortable and confident. Although it’s great having others join and share their opinions, it’s your day and you want to be able to look back on your wedding day knowing that you were loving what you were wearing.

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