5 Tips For Selecting Your Bridesmaids Jewelry

5 Tips For Selecting Your Bridesmaids Jewelry

Finding bridesmaid jewelry that suits every girl’s taste might be a hard task for some brides. Just like their bridesmaid gown selection, the selection of their bridesmaid jewelry could turn into a long and drawn out process that most brides stress over. Use the following tips to help you determine what bridesmaid jewelry is perfect for your bridal party.

Choose Your Color Pallet
A great place to start is finding what colors you will be incorporating into your bridesmaid’s jewelry. Of course by now, you’ve already made your wedding color choices and so let those decisions guide you through your bridesmaid jewelry color selections as well. Sometimes you may need to incorporate more than one color, based on availability and the ability to make a nice color match. Once you’ve decided on a color choice, stick with that throughout the entire bridesmaid jewelry selection.

All Different or Everyone Together
Of course everyone is different and with that, everyone’s style is different too. Not all bridesmaids are going to feel comfortable in long dangly chandelier style bridesmaid earrings. While other bridesmaids may want something more dramatic than a simple drop style earring. These are all things to consider while selecting your bridesmaid’s jewelry. First determine if everyone will wear the exact same pieces of jewelry or if you think it’s acceptable for everyone to wear a more personal piece that reflects their style and personality. After you’ve determined this factor, your hunt for the right pieces will go much smoother.

Consider the Style
There are a large variety of different jewelry styles out there. With necklaces you must consider the neckline of the gown your bridesmaids will be wearing. If it’s a strapless dress, then just about any necklace will match beautifully. However; if your girls are wearing a halter dress, a necklace all together might not be the right accessory option. You need to take into consideration the look you desire for your bridesmaids and carry that throughout your selections process.

Size Does Matter
Finding a jewelry designer and company that can suit your sizing needs is key to making the right fit for each girl. Just as all of their dress sizes are different, so is their bracelet and necklace length sizes. You need to find a designer or company that allows you to make custom size selections for both bracelets and necklaces. Another item to consider is that not all bridesmaids may have their ears pierced. If this is the case, and wearing earrings for all of the girls are a must, then finding a company that offers clip on options is also a great place to purchase your bridesmaid’s jewelry.

Gift Wrap Please
While you may plan on giving your jewelry as gifts, not all brides consider this their only “thank you” gift. Find a jewelry company that takes each bridesmaid’s jewelry pieces and wraps them up individually for each bridesmaid. This is a courtesy service that companies should and do offer. Find the store and company that will provide you with these above and beyond services.

While picking out the bridesmaid’s jewelry they will wear on your wedding day, keep in mind these key points and hints to help you find the perfect piece for each girl. Jewelry is something that is attached to memories of the day it is worn and who gave it to them. Your bridesmaids will cherish their bridesmaid’s jewelry if you take the time to select pieces that they both will love on your wedding day, but love to wear again after the big event is over.