38 Dashing Wedding Buttonhole & Boutonnière Ideas

38 Dashing Wedding Buttonhole & Boutonnière Ideas

Want a stand-out and very dashing wedding buttonhole to finish off your stylish wedding suit choice? You’re in luck, as I have rounded up 38 handsome boutonnière wedding ideas to give your suit an extra flourish.

38 Dashing Wedding Buttonhole & Boutonnière IdeasPhoto: Andrew Brannan Photography via Church Farm Wedding Flowers: Jasper & Quinn


Dapper Wedding Buttonhole & Boutonnière Ideas

The wedding buttonhole, what is it? Well, a wedding buttonhole is a small flower arrangement attached to the lapel of an outfit. Buttonholes are a traditional way to add decoration to a formal outfit, especially at weddings!

You don’t actually have to have a buttonhole, you could scrap the boutonnière altogether if you prefer. There are no rules around here. But if you do want to add va-va-voom to your lapel, there are so many ways to do so. And, you don’t have to fork out a fortune by the way.

Yes, you can hire a professional wedding florist to take care of your buttonholes. But you could also DIY boutonnières, or use alternative materials if you so wish. Ready to discover all the buttonhole inspiration? Let’s dive on in!

1. Wheat

Dried wheat creates height and is expensive. As a bonus, its not likely to wilt as the day goes on, ideal for late summer and early autumn weddings.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Wheat Holly Rose Stones Photo: Holly Rose Stones via Naked Tipi Wedding Ideas Flowers: Maxines Flower Pot


2. Pocket Buttonhole

For an all-out style, how about the pocket buttonhole? No need for pins and fastening, or a pocket square. Plus you’re going to make more impact as you can have more flowers.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Pocket Emily Little Photography Photo: Emily Little Photography via Retro Wedding Ideas Flowers: Gin House Flowers


3. Protea & Twine

This mini protea buttonhole is adorable and the twine wrapping adds a rustic touch.

Wedding Buttonhole Ideas Groom Heather Sham Photo: Heather Sham via Campervan Wedding Ideas Flowers: Bloomantic


4. Greenery & White Rose

Coordinate your suit colour to your buttonhole tones for a coordinated style.

Wedding Buttonhole Ideas Green White Groom Holly Collings Photography Photo: Holly Collings Photography via Greek English Fusion Wedding Flowers: Flower La Vita


5. Seed Heads

Use silvery dried seed heads for a black tie or formal wedding. You can keep dried wedding flowers after the wedding too.

Wedding Buttonhole Ideas Dried Christine Third Wheeling Photo: Christine Third Wheeling via Celestial Wedding Ideas Flowers: Sue Arran Flowers


6. Christmas Boutineer

Planning a Christmas wedding? Go all in with a festive feel boutineer.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Christmas Mini and Me Photography Photo: Mini and Me Photography via Christmas Wedding Flowers: East Kent Flower Company


7. Spring Pastels

Add a pop of pretty with spring pastel flowers. Think shades of mint green, pale pink and lilac for a match made in heaven.

Grooom Wedding Buttonhole Pastel Katherine Ashdown Photography Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Barnston Lodge Wedding Flowers: Daisy May’s Florist


8. Anemone

A classic winter wedding flower, the anemone is a gorgeous choice.

Wedding Buttonhole Red Flower Kim Williams Weddings Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Bright Barn Wedding Flowers: Bride Collaboration with Town Garden Florist


9. Yellow & Peach

Creamy, buttery yellows and peaches can look sensational for a unique buttonhole idea.

Wedding Buttonhole Ideas Yellow Peach Lucy Dracott Photography Photo: Lucy Dracott Photography via Northbrook Park Wedding Flowers: Lucy Charlotte Floral Design



10. Dried Autumn Flowers

Dried autumn wedding flowers in seasonal hues will look so autumnal and gorgeous on your lapel.

Wedding Buttonhole Ideas Dried Autumn Flowers Maytree Photography Photo: Maytree Photography via Cumbria Barn Wedding Flowers: Folky Dokey


11. Action Figures

Add fun action figures or small toys to your buttonhole for a personality punch.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Action Figure BG Productions Photo: BG Productions via Backyard Wedding US Home


12. Nigella

Using delicate nigella will add beautiful texture to any wedding boutonnière.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Nigella Flower Wyldbee Photography Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Elford Hall Garden Wedding Flowers: The Flower Patch


13. Daisy

Daisies are such a summery bloom, they look really delicate and dainty.

Buttonhole Idea Groom Daisy-Emily Collett Photography Photo: Emily Collett Photography via Blue Yellow Wedding Ideas Flowers: The Lily Pad Florist


14. Blush & Burgundy

Blush tones work so well with deep and rich burgundy flowers.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Blush Burgundy Victoria Baker Weddings Photo: Victoria Baker Weddings via Intimate Garden Wedding Flowers: Forge Events


15. Tropical Pink Orchid

Tropical flowers such as vivid orchids make a perfect choice for destination weddings.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Tropical Phosart Photography Cinematography Photo: Phosart Photography Cinematography via Santorini Wedding Flowers: Betty Flowers


16. Lego

Lego fans rejoice! Why not add a mini lego figure to your buttonhole?

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Lego Jen Marino Photo: Jen Marino via Down To Earth Wedding Flowers: Green and Gorgeous


17. Succulent

Succulents are a lovely option for a sustainable buttonhole if cared for, succulents can be replanted post-wedding.

Wedding Buttonhole Succulent Idea Jasmine Skye Photography Photo: Jasmine Skye Photography via Paper Mill Wedding Flowers: Pollen8 


18. Ribbon

Tie up your wedding buttonhole with a ribbon that matches your other accessories.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Ribbon Laura Williams Weddings Photo: Laura Williams Weddings via Gaddesden Estate Wedding Ideas Flowers: English Petal and Herb


19. Blue & White

Fresh white and blue flowers can look super sharp.

Groom Wedding Buttonhole White Blue Clare Smith Photography Photo: Clare Smith Photography via Blue Spring Wedding Flowers: Rachel Jones Flowers Co


20. Orchid & Dried Flowers

Team modern orchids with dried flowers and greenery.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Orchid Gemma Randall Photography Photo: Gemma Randall Photography via Snowdon Wedding Flowers: Floral Arch


21. Paper Map

Make paper flowers from maps with a destination close to your heart. You could always choose book pages or patterned paper for a unique buttonhole style.

Wedding Buttonhole Ideas Paper Flowers Holly Collings Photography Photo: Holly Collings Photography via Coombe Lodge Wedding Paper Flowers: Floral Derangement


22. Blush Rose

Does it get any more classic than a single rose teamed with foliage?

Blush Rose Wedding Buttonhole Philippa Sian Photography Photo: Philippa Sian Photography via English Garden Wedding Inspiration Flowers: Hibbert & Hagström


23. Scrabble Tile

If you love nothing more than spending your free time playing scrabble, add in a tile. Choose your initials for a personal touch.

Wedding Buttonhole Ideas Scrabble Tile Miki Photography Photo: Miki Photography via Devonshire Terrace Wedding


24. Sunflowers

Sunflowers may be the happiest summer wedding flower and for good reason. Large, yellow blooms will look spectacular on any wedding suit.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Sunflowers Becky Bailey Photographer Photo: Becky Bailey Photographer via Burley Manor Wedding Flowers: Concept Flowers


25. Thistle

Thistles are a great choice for adding texture, just be careful of any prickles.

Wedding Buttonhole Ideas Thistle Bernadeta Kupiec Photography Photo: Bernadeta Kupiec Photography via Thirlestane Castle Wedding Flowers: The Flower Room Kelso


26. Feather

Feathers are a lovely flower alternative. Collect them from the ground, so that they are also ethical and eco-friendly.

Wedding Buttonhole Peacock Feather Alex Tenters Photography Photo: Alex Tenters Photography via Longton Wood Wedding


27. Pampas Grass

Small tendrils of pampas grass will look fluffy and soften the smartest of suits.

Wedding Buttonhole Pampas Grass Daniel Lopez Perez Photo: Daniel Lopez Perez via Guatemala Wedding Flowers: Addy Florales


28. Gypsophila & Cornflower

Baby’s breath is a cost-effective flower choice and mixed with cornflowers will really pop.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Gypsophila Peter Hugo Photo: Peter Hugo via Cornflower Blue Barn Wedding


29. Pearls

Think about adding jewellery or pearls to your buttonhole for a glam touch.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Pearls Sarah Brabbin Wedding Photographer Photo: Sarah Brabbin Wedding Photographer via British Flower Wedding Ideas Flowers: Campbell’s Flowers


30. Fern

Ferns are a great leaf choice for a buttonhole, especially if you are having a woodland wedding.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Fern Lisa Digiglio Photo: Lisa Digiglio via Greenery Botanical Wedding Ideas Flowers: Fiori in Riga


31. Hessian Brooch

Craft a special rustic brooch made from hessian and fabric.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Hessian Fabric Denise Leacock Photography Photo: Denise Leacock Photography via Cute DIY Mill Wedding Flowers: Flowers by Ruth Hood


32. Bottle Top

Disney’s Up inspired bottle tops look so adorable.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Bottle Top Casey Clark Photography Photo: Casey Clark Photography via Country Farm Wedding Ohio


33. Buttons

Make a button display for your buttonhole!

Wedding Buttonhole Ideas Buttons James Grist Photography Photo: James Grist Photography via Crafty Tea Wedding


34. Billy Ball

Billy balls are a really fun flower choice and add lovely shape to boutonnières.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Billy Ball Amy Lou Photography Photo: Amy Lou Photography via Wylam Brewery Wedding Flowers: Muscari Events


35. Origami

Paper origami cranes are simple and cheap to make from patterned paper.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Origami Brett Symes Photography Photo: Brett Symes Photography via Budget Barn Yellow Wedding


36. White Berry

Berries are a great textural addition to a floral wedding buttonhole.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea White Berry Oobaloos PhotographyPhoto: Oobaloos Photography via Kingscote Barn Wedding Flowers: Issy and Bella


37. Bicycle Chain

Think about how you can incorporate your hobby into your buttonhole. Such as this fun bicycle chain idea.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Bicycle Chain Jennifer Langridge Photography Photo: Jennifer Langridge Photography via Beer Bicycles Wedding


38. Pink & Green

Decaden pink and green flowers are sure to take your suit from work ready to wedding ready.

Wedding Buttonhole Idea Pink Green Lisa Dawn Photography Photo: Lisa Dawn Photography via Whimsical Woodland Fairytale Wedding Flowers: The Poundbury Florist



Who Should Wear Buttonholes At A Wedding?

Essentially, anyone at your wedding could wear a buttonhole if you so wish. There are no hard and fast rules. That being said, traditionally the male members of a wedding party would wear one. Groom, groomsmen, best man, ushers, page boys, father of the bride and father of the groom.

However, if you have best women, bridesmen, men of honour or groomswomen, they can all wear one too. Or if you are a bride donning a suit, you rock that buttonhole!

Do Wedding Guests Wear Buttonholes?

Guests could wear a buttonhole at your wedding if you’d like. However, it’s not necessary and could work out expensive to kit out your whole guest list in flowers. It really comes down to personal preference.

What Is A Women’s Wedding Buttonhole Called?

Female members of the wedding party can wear a buttonhole. However, traditionally ladies wear a corsage instead. This is either worn on the wrist or on the lapel of their outfit.

Which Side Do You Wear A Wedding Buttonhole On?

As a rule of thumb, men wear their wedding buttonholes on the left lapel. Women wear their corsages on the right side of their outfits or on their right wrists. But if you want to ditch this rule and go for the opposite, you go for it!


And that’s a wrap! You have all the wedding buttonhole ideas you could ever need, plus wedding boutonnière FAQ solved. Hooray!

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