10 Gardening Seats To Uplift Your Spring

10 Gardening Seats To Uplift Your Spring

You’re probably familiar with all types of outdoor seating, from chaise loungers to classic Adirondacks. But you probably don’t own a gardening seat. If you do, you’re one of the wise ones! These chairs are more practical than pretty, but while they won’t be a staple on your patio, they’re definitely still a must-have. 

A gardening seat allows you to work comfortably for hours. Usually, it offers a spot to keep all your necessities close at hand. It can save your knees, back, and neck from pain and tension brought on by cultivating your garden oasis. Does this sound like your dream outdoor furniture item? Ours, too, so let’s dig in! 

What Is A Gardening Chair? 

A gardening chair usually isn’t a chair at all or what we would traditionally think of as a chair. It’s a lightweight seat that is designed to be used outside. Usually, the seat or stool is portable, either by carrying or rolling on wheels. What sets it apart further is how low it is to the ground. This allows gardeners to easily access the soil and their plants without kneeling, bending, or sitting in the dirt. 

They are a wide variety of gardener’s chairs. Some swivel or move with your body for added convenience and ergonomic comfort. Others have storage space on the side or underneath. The materials used for gardening chairs can vary, but they’re almost always durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant. There are nearly as many as the flowers in your garden regarding colors. You can also choose a slim and compact option that is easy to store away or a bulky seat that can keep all your tools close at hand. 

Suppose you’re a garden enthusiast who typically spends long hours hunched over the ground. In that case, a gardening chair will quickly become your number one outdoor tool. 

Why Buy A Gardener’s Chair? 

I love gardening, but my knees and back have had enough after about twenty minutes. A gardener’s chair is the ideal solution. Here’s why! 

  • Goodbye aches, pains, and stiffness. Does gardening for a few hours mean laying on the couch afterward with an ice pack and aspirin? A gardener’s chair is an affordable way to prevent these pains that often come from bending, kneeling, and hunching. You can sit lower to the ground comfortably, eliminating body stiffness. 
  • Perfect for Seniors. You don’t have to be a baby boomer to love gardening, though many seniors do. A garden seat is excellent for those with limited mobility who still want to plant and weed. You can roll and scoot around outdoors for hours without hurting your joints or needing an assistive device like a cane. It’s a fantastic way to continue your relaxing and outdoor therapeutic activity even if you can’t get down and dig like you used to. 
  • Forced Focus. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of it all while gardening. However, that isn’t a good thing when you’ve got a job to do! A gardener’s chair helps to keep you eye level with your plants, meaning you won’t miss a hole when dropping in those seeds or overlook a weed. 
  • A Multi-level Experience. Garden chairs with wheels and a swivel function offer you a multi-level, 360-degree view of your garden. This comes in handy when trying to plan a planting or prune an existing garden. Spotting holes, errant shrubs, or an area that needs a pop of color is a breeze! 
  • An Essential Tool. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a gardening chair is a must-have addition when outfitting your garden shed. 

Buying Considerations: 

  • Price. Thankfully, gardening chairs have a generous price range. You can find a chair for a budget-friendly price of around $25. This is an excellent option if you only need it sometimes or for a short period after an injury. Or, should you plan on using it all the time, splurge on a chair that’s closer to $200. Most times, these luxury garden seats have storage and extra comfort features. 
  • Height. As a general rule of thumb, gardening chairs are low to the ground. This prevents you from kneeling or bending while still keeping plants within arm’s reach. However, what’s comfortably low to the ground for one person can be awkward for another, especially for someone taller. Some rolling stools or benches can be 1-2 feet above the ground. It’s a good idea to test it out before you buy, or at least take some measurements at home to make sure you won’t be at eye level with your knees! 
  • Durability. Because it will be used outside, you’ll want it to be durable. This often means paying particular attention to the material. Metal tends to be more robust than nylon or plastic, though some resins can last quite a while. Garden cushions and folding chairs are perhaps the least durable, but they are light and comfy. If you choose a less hardy option, store it properly to protect it from the elements. 
  • Style. Style isn’t really about how pretty it is versus how practical it is. There are different types of gardening chairs, from cushions to roll-along wagons. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each and how well it will suit your particular needs. After you’ve nailed down the design, you can check out the size, color, and material!

Create An Ideal Workspace In Your Garden 

A quality garden chair is essentially an outdoor work seat with storage capacity. Here are some ideas of how you can move around your space and still stay organized!

  • Opt for a heavy-duty garden bench that offers plenty of large tool pouches. Keeping your work gloves, pruning shears, hand trowel, spade, fork, and shovel close while you work will save you from getting up and down (a significant ouch for your knees!). 
  • Check out garden chairs with adjustable seats. A seat close to the ground is your best bet when you want to plant seeds, pull weeds, or place low plantings. However, pruning and deadheading often occur on taller bushes, making a higher seat a more suitable choice. 
  • Consider cup holders for convenience and comfort. Staying hydrated is a must when you’re outside, as is enjoying a fun beverage from time to time. A garden stool with cupholders is the perfect solution. Plus, the cup holders are also just the right size to hold a BlueTooth speaker so you can whistle while you weed. 
  • Bring on the baskets! Some deluxe gardening chairs have metal baskets along the backside that can hold bulbs and small flats of flowers; a much better option than carrying them on your lap or standing and retrieving them every few feet. 

10 Best Gardening Chairs For You 

1. Portable, Adjustable, Folding Garden Chair

by Boreeman

10 Gardening Seats To Uplift Your Spring

If you want an extremely portable garden chair, look no further than this convenient stool. 

It folds into a little compact disc that is effortless to carry with you. Then, when you need to sit, expand it to your chosen height! It may be small and light, but it’s durable and heavy-duty, holding up to 350lbs. We also love that the environmentally-friendly material it is made of is waterproof. Perfect for the garden…or walks, camping, the beach, you name it! 

2. Garden Rocker Comfort Seat with Height Adjustable Contoured Comfort Seat

by Vertex

Original Garden Rocker Comfort Seat

Nearly every part of your body will thank you for this ergonomic seat. 

There are so many features that make this an excellent chair for when you need some garden therapy. The ergonomic seat is contoured, keeping you stable and satisfyingly comfy. Its rocking base moves with every twist or turn, so you never have to overreach or awkwardly bend. At 3lbs, carrying it around is no problem! This stool has got you covered whether you need something to save your hips, back, or knees.   

3. Garden Kneeler and Seat Heavy Duty, Gardening Stool Bench with Kneeling Pad


Garden Kneeler and Seat Heavy Duty

We are obsessed with the versatility of this gardening must-have. 

Is it a stool, a chair, or a kneeling pad? Yes! The cushion can be adjusted to remain at ground level and act as a soft barrier for your knees. Or raising the height, and it becomes a plush bench seat. Sturdy sides act as rails for balance and security while holding tool pouches. Thoughtful additions like rubber pads, a removable waist belt, and a foldable design make this a garden shed must-have. 

4. Ironton Rolling Garden Seat with Turnbar

by Ironton

Ironton Rolling Garden Seat with Turnbar

Gardening can be a great exercise unless you have mobility concerns. 

Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your outdoor oasis, though! This rolling seat will allow you to comfortably scoot around your green domain without being in pain. Large rubber wheels attach to a convenient turn bar for easy steering. The vintage tractor seat is both rugged and relaxing, contoured to your tush. Add in the rear basket and undercarriage storage, and you have a movable gardening command center. 

5. Kinbor Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat Gardening Planting with Heavy Duty Wheels Tool Tray 

by Kinbor

Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat

This just may be the ultimate gardening tool. 

Powder-coated steel makes for an impressive rolling seat with extreme durability and superior stability. Its ergonomic chair rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to access all your plants. Additionally, the seat is height adjustable for pruning or planting. Inflated rubber wheels prevent tipping or slipping. It’s the best tool to hold all your devices (and you), courtesy of the undercarriage tray and wire basket. 

6. Gardener’s Tool Seat (Folding Chair and Tool Bag in One)


Garden Tools Set Organizer | Garden Seat

How cool is this stool and bag in one? 

It’s a gardener’s dream, a place for all your tools, and a comfy spot to sit! 

The heavy-duty carry bag is attached to a strong aluminum frame. It works fantastic as a tool pouch, with individual pockets for organization. However, it transforms into a compact seat when you open the structure! Sit down on the canvas, director-chair-style, and simply reach underneath you to access your shovel or shears. Did we mention that this set comes with tools included? Like a pair of gloves and a cast aluminum trowel?! 

7. Pure Garden 82-VY021 Cart Rolling Stool

by Pure Garden

Pure Garden 82-VY021 Cart Rolling Stool with Wheels Seat

Most rolling stools have tractor seats, which are great, but they’re not for everyone. 

Look no further than this rolling chair with a lightweight and narrow seat if you want something different. It’s ideal if you occasionally want to straddle the seat instead of sitting on it. Robust plastic and stainless steel still make up the frame and wheels, so you don’t lose out on any durability. The fact that, unlike rubber, the wheels can’t be punctured is a huge plus, too, just in case you accidentally roll over that cultivator! 

8. Rolling Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat

by Plow & Hearth

Green Rolling Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat

What can’t you do with this scoot-n-do seat? 

Roll along and weed, prune, or plant without killing your back, knees, or neck. The steering knob makes turning a breeze. If you can’t get the perfect angle, the swiveling and height-adjustable seat comes in handy! Underneath, the metal mesh basket holds your tools without collecting dirt or rainwater. Those with an exceptionally rugged yard will love the comfort of the pneumatic tires. 

9. Strongway Deluxe Rolling Garden Seat

by Northern Tool

Strongway Deluxe Rolling Garden Seat

This chair may be the ultimate in gardening comfort. 

There’s a wire basket, tool pouches, and a utility tray underneath. A steel frame and a turn bar steering wheel that acts as a pull handle are pretty standard. But check out the seat! It rotates and raises, adjusting to both the person and project. Plus, how could you miss the wraparound padded lumbar support? In our opinion, there is no other way to garden! 

10. Kindness Garden Cart Rolling Wagon Scooter with Tool Storage Utility Basket


Kintness Garden Cart Rolling Wagon Scooter

Here’s a rolling seat that can withstand just as many gardening hours as you. 

Ten-inch inflated wheels make for easy rolling, even over pesky molehills. The ergonomic and contoured seat offers you stability and superior comfort. You can rotate it 360 degrees or spin it to effortlessly adjust the height. A tray underneath won’t let any seed packets or planting slip away. At the same time, the mesh tool basket holds larger (dirtier) items. Exceptionally functional, there are innumerable yard and garage projects you can tackle with this seat! 

Commonly Asked Questions 

How long do garden chairs typically last?

As durable outdoor pieces of equipment, garden chairs can last quite a long time! However, you need to take proper care of them. This means protecting them from the elements, such as harsh sun and damaging ice, and occasional maintenance. 

Can garden chairs live outside all year round?

Generally, it’s not a great idea to keep your garden chair outdoors year-round. The sun can cause plastic or rubber to lose their strength and warp, while cold temps can cause them to crack. Additionally, repeated exposure to moisture can lead to rust. 

Where should I store my garden chair?

A garden shed is an ideal space to store your chair. Alternatively, your garage works well too! 

What is a good height for a garden chair?

The best height for a garden chair depends on your height and needs. Taller individuals may want a taller chair, as will gardeners who plan on using their stool for pruning. Planting and weeding are more comfortable with a lower chair. 

Can I buy a garden stool with built-in storage underneath (to hold tools)?

You can; these are some of our favorite types! 

How heavy are garden chairs to pick up and transport?

Some chairs certainly are heavier than others. Some ultralight portable seats weigh under four pounds. On the other hand, rolling stools with storage often tip the scales at around forty pounds. 

How much weight can a garden chair hold on average?

The stools we mentioned above can hold up to 400 pounds! On average, garden chairs hold about 250-300 pounds, including the person using them and any items they’re storing. 

Get Gardening – Comfortably! 

Whether you want to prune your shrubs without hunching or plant a bumper crop without getting on your knees, a gardening chair can help! There are various types to suit all different gardening tasks and gardeners. Expert green thumbs and novices alike can experience the relief of not having to bend or crouch and the convenience of keeping their tools at hand. Using a gardening chair isn’t slacking – it’s brilliant sense!