What is the Symbolism of Flowers?

What is the Symbolism of Flowers?

I was researching what kind of flowers most brides carry at their wedding. I was surprised to find that each flower symbolizes something and by choosing the correct one you can add a personal touch to your bouquet or decor.

Here is a list of what flowers mean:

Ambrosia love returned
Anemone expectation
Apple Blossom hope, good fortune, better things to come
Baby’s Breath innocence, pure heart
Bluebell constancy
Blue violet faithfulness
Calla Lily beauty
Camellia loveliness, gratitude
Daffodil regard, joy
Daisy gentleness, innocence
Forget-Me-Not remembrance, true love
Freesia innocence
Gardenia purity
Heather future fortune
Heliotrope devotion, faithfulness
Hyacinth loveliness
Iris warmth of affection
Ivy fidelity
Lilac youthful innocence
Lily majesty
Lily of the Valley happiness
Orange Blossom purity, virginity
Orchid rare beauty
Queen Anne’s Lace trust
Rose-red love
Rose-yellow friendship
Rose-white innocence
Rose-pale pink grace
Rose-dark pink thankfulness
Rose-orange fascination
Rose-peach modesty
Rose-coral desire
Tulip passion, love
Violet modesty, faithfulness
Zinnia affection

There are also flowers associated with the month one is born in. Here is the

January carnation
February violet
March jonquil
April sweet pea
May lily of the valley
June rose
July larkspur
August gladiolus
September aster
October calendula
November chrysanthemum
December narcissus

Flowers are something that add aroma to any bouquet or display. It is a creative tool for self expression. So no matter what your preference is you can create a special one of a kind look that will reflect your personality. The bouquet you carry should be a special as the gown you wear and the man that you marry!