Wedding Accessories Complete Your Look

Wedding Accessories Complete Your Look

The bride’s wedding gown is only the beginning of creating a total fashion statement. Your bridal ensemble just wouldn’t be right without all jewelry, a headpiece, a veil, and of the other details which make for a finished package. Make sure you don’t forget anything you need; use this handy guide to get all the wedding accessories you need to complete your wedding day look.

The most traditional wedding accessory is the bridal veil. Since Biblical times, and even before, brides have worn gossamer veils as they said their vows. While not all brides today opt to wear a bridal veil, it really is the one accessory which says “Here comes the bride” unlike any other, so it is always worth considering. For a classic style, choose a tulle veil in a length which complements your wedding gown. Fingertip length and floor length are the most versatile veil lengths. Other options include waist length, mid-calf, chapel, and even cathedral length. Many veils have exquisite embellishments such as lace applique, ribbon trims, or beaded edges to coordinate with the bridal jewelry. Not sure that a long veil is your style? Try a short cage veil or even just a puff of net secured by a jeweled clip to finish off your bridal ensemble.

Special occasions always call for special jewelry, and of course no occasion is more special than your wedding. Treat yourself to statement making bridal jewelry for your big day. Most brides will wear at least a pair of earrings and a necklace, and many will also add in a coordinating bracelet. The bridal jewelry which you select can really help to define the style of your bridal ensemble. Classic pearl bridal jewelry is ideal for brides who wish to create a timeless look, while dazzling Swarovski crystal wedding jewelry adds sparkle and drama. Without a doubt, you are not ready to walk down the aisle until you have selected a fabulous set of bridal jewelry!

What other wedding accessories are important? Certainly a headpiece of some sort is needed to finish off the bridal hairstyle. The regal tiara is still popular for very formal weddings, although the current trend favors elegant jeweled headbands over a tall headpiece. The jeweled wedding headbands work beautifully with any hairstyle or length of hair, which is a huge plus. They sit flat on the head, so they add style without being too flashy. Whether your taste runs to a dramatic tiara, a jeweled headband, a sparkly comb, or an understated set of hairpins, look for a headpiece which complements the rest of your wedding jewelry. Even brides who wear veils should plan to wear some sort of bridal hair jewelry; that way if they opt to remove the veil for the reception, their hairstyle will still look special.

Obviously shoes are another must-have wedding accessory. After all, you can’t walk down the aisle barefoot (unless perhaps you are getting married on the beach!). The trend in wedding shoes these days is for really fashionable footwear that has the possibility of being worn again after the wedding. Brides are also looking at their wedding shoes as an opportunity to show off their personality, not just something to wear on their feet. To that end, we are seeing brides wearing metallic shoes, brightly colored shoes (especially red), and even leopard print shoes. As long as the shoes are appropriately fancy, there is no reason to feel restricted to shopping for only white bridal shoes. For the bride who prefers a classic bridal shoe, look for ones with stand-out details such as crystal or floral embellishments.

There are several other wedding accessories which a bride may want to complete her outfit. Long gloves are incredibly elegant with a strapless wedding gown. Shrugs, wraps, or other cover-ups are popular for cold weather weddings. And of course every bride needs a cute little evening bag in which to stash her lipstick and some tissues. With all of the perfect wedding accessories in place, the final bridal ensemble will be polished and gorgeous!