Unique Wedding Favor Ideas – Why Have Wedding Favors at Your Wedding?

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas – Why Have Wedding Favors at Your Wedding?

When planning a wedding, most brides are just hoping that everything comes off without a hitch, and that you and your guests have a memorable time. Many brides are now going with wedding themes and this has opened the door for incorporating some unique wedding favors. Gone are the days of personalized matchbooks, and in are some really neat ideas.

You can create a unique wedding favor for any budget. You don’t have to go broke with your favors; it’s just about creativity. You can have favors that range from coffee to seashells. Finding one that fits your theme, or incorporates the feeling and setting of you wedding is not that difficult. Here are a few ideas.

Lets say that your wedding is being held in the late morning to early afternoon. You might want to consider having a coffee related favor. They have all types; you can get them personalized, or have a variety of flavors to choose from. If that is not feasible maybe and edible favor, chocolate is always a crowd pleaser.

You can customize many favors to fit your theme. Let say you are planning a beach wedding; you can have the chocolate favors made into seashells, sea horses, or anything that is beach related. Or if you prefer, you can make a gift bag that can include sunscreen, and sunglasses.

With an early afternoon wedding you might consider flowers in vases. You can find smaller flower vases for a very reasonable price. You can paint them with smaller flowers using enamel paint. Use the same color as your bridesmaid’s dresses. Then fill them with water and put two or three small flowers in them. These can be placed at each table setting and serve two purposes. They can be your wedding favor, and decorate your tables.

If you are having a more formal evening wedding, you can always have champagne glasses personalized for each guest. Add a nice bow on the stem to match you color theme. You could also go with a nice candle. This can help add some atmosphere to your reception.

Make sure that when you are planning that you keep in mind how many guest will be in attendance. The last thing you want to do is short yourself. You will also need to determine how many a guest should be able to take. If the favor is something like the personalized coffee favors, plan for each guest to take two. If you have favors like the champagne glasses, only allow for one each, but order a few extras in case someone drops theirs.

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding favors, make sure that you have enough to accommodate your guests. You can either set them on a designated table or place them at each setting. If children will be in attendance, make sure that you keep them in mind and find something especially for them. Having unique wedding favors is a great way to make your day memorable for your guest and to say, “thanks for coming.”