The Rekindled Fascination With Wedding Hair Flowers

The Rekindled Fascination With Wedding Hair Flowers

Thanks to Kate Middleton, one of the hottest accessories for wedding hair flowers is a hair piece made from fabric flowers or feathers. They are gorgeous and can be used in so many ways it’s no wonder everyone is including them in their ceremony.

Although Kate wore fresh flowers of lily of the valley, almost everyone who attended the Royal Wedding wore a hair piece, a hat, or a fascinator. Many were made with feathers and fabric flowers.

These small works of art are constructed on a hair comb, clip, or head band. They can be worn on top of the head, on either side, or toward the back. They can have a veil attached or it can be positioned under the piece with a separate comb.

A birdcage veil is a great choice to wear with these pieces. This type of veil is made from French or Russian netting or illusion netting which gives a softer look. The length of a birdcage veil can be just across the eyes, across the nose, or to the chin.

Another popular way to incorporate a veil is to have a small piece of the netting designed with a flower and feathers. It can be used to make a bow or small circle “base” for the flowers. This design is also attached to a comb, clip, or head band. For the bride to be who doesn’t want a full veil, this is a great choice.

My favorite wedding hair piece is called a fascinator. There are so many designs it’s really hard to choose just one, but I simply love when flowers and feathers are placed on a “disc”. This is a type of mini hat that makes an elegant hair piece and still allows most of the hair style to be seen. It also can be removed without messing up the hair.

The disc can be covered in fabric to match the wedding dress. A small circle of Russian or French veil looks great when placed under the disc. Fabric organdy or organza silk flowers can be attached on top of the disc and a few ostrich feathers to give it an extra touch of glamour.

A unique way to make the fascinators extra special is to attach a crystal broach or earrings to the disc. They can be removed and worn long after the wedding. Many brides are opting for a matching fascinator for the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girl. Attaching a broach or earrings makes a lovely gift and adds that extra sparkle during the ceremony.

Of course, there are so many styles to choose from ranging from just a few feathers to large elaborate designs of flowers, feathers, pearls and crystals. A very subtle one could be made from just a few feathers arranged on a hair comb with a single pearl at the base of the feathers. Another subtle style could be made on a comb or clip using one or two silk flowers and a few airy feathers.

Feathers and silk flowers can be dyed to match any color of fabric which makes it easy to coordinate the bridal party. Hair pieces are all about how they make you feel and that should be like a princess! Be careful when you try on these wonderful accessories. If you go into a bridal shop wearing very casual clothes and only try on a hair piece, it is impossible to see how beautiful they really are.

As you shop for your wedding hair piece, keep in mind that as with anything, there is a large price range. I have found that the inexpensive pieces have flowers that do not hold their shape and are poorly made. Fabric flowers should be made from a good grade of fabric and they should look more like a real flower.

This is an accessory that will breathe new life into the wedding ensemble. Have fun with it on your special day and enjoy the fascination with wedding hair flowers!