The Non-Cliche Hen Night

Traditional weddings have been going on under the same form for centuries and because of that, the younger generations don’t feel that classic weddings are fit for them anymore. Nowadays, there are numerous options that people have to celebrate their love, thus, many more brides and grooms decide to get married in the most unexpected ways.

The same is valid for hen night parties where women have been accustomed to spend their last night of freedom in company of their friends and play funny games. However, the imagination of the maids of honor has led to the appearance of new ideas for the hen night. Maids of honor will do their best to organize a bachelorette party that can reflect the passions and the hobbies of the future bride.

Although they may seem crazy and original party ideas, spa resort retreats and clubbing nights have now become clichés that everyone has heard of. Going to a picnic with your best friends or seeing a great movie seem far more original. If you really want to impress your best friend you can organize a surprise hen night party for her at the local car movie. Once the film is over you and the other bridesmaids can turn the music on and transform the place into an ad-hoc party.

Clubbing is what most future brides decide to do on their last night of freedom because it’s cheaper and easier to organize. However, you can spice up this hen night, too, by playing all sorts of popular girly games. ‘Treasure hunting’ or ‘Truth or Dare’ are some of the many games that bridesmaids like to play while at club, giving the bride-to-be punishments.

Themes parties are very versatile and as a consequence, they are the favorite hen night idea of modern maids of honor. Depending on the bride’s preferences, the maids may invite actors or singers to perform during the hen night. The dressing code is extremely important, so make sure every guest wears hen night accessories, such as, fake veils, garters, sashes or even sexy Playboy Bunny or Santa costumes.

Now you can have the most extravagant hen nigh party thanks to the multitude of products you can find at specialized stores. Brides who cannot afford or don’t want to buy these outfits may simply rent them; nevertheless, we recommend customers to purchase them because the customized accessories will help them remember the hen night party forever.