The Correct Wedding Etiquette On Your Wedding Day

The Correct Wedding Etiquette On Your Wedding Day

The correct wedding etiquette on your wedding day can be the difference to the special day being remembered for all the right or wrong reasons.

And when a couple decides to commit to one another by getting married, they want the occasion to be just right for them. This of course can mean different things to different people but on the whole the traditional marriage ceremony with all that accompanies it is still sought after by most couples.

Wedding etiquette is just the accepted way of doing things and is not set in stone, but, like most things in life, is constantly evolving. It should be looked on as a guide rather that a hard and fast rule. It should be made to serve you not the other way round.

It is good to know what the accepted way is for doing things regarding the different aspects of the wedding. From what the invitations should be like to what form should the reception take. For every aspect of the wedding day there is an accepted wedding etiquette to follow or use as a guide.

Of course there are cultural and religious differences as to what is the done thing and what isn’t. But the aim is for a happy and successful day that everyone will remember with fondness.

The first wedding etiquette guide is the question of who will pay for what on the wedding day.

Traditionally it was for the bride’s family to pay for the church fees, flowers, invitations and the reception costs. The groom’s family would take care of the rehearsal dinner, the clergy or official’s fee, the bride’s bouquet and the flowers for the entourage. Today it is more relaxed and a couple can decide what obligations they and their families will pay for.

The wedding preparations of course will be in line with the wedding couple’s wishes. Will it be a religious marriage or a civil one? Traditional or more relaxed? There are various wedding planners who can coordinate everything according to what the couple want. This is often a great help for the bride and groom in organizing their special day. However, still lots and lots of couple’s prefer to plan things themselves or to delegate it to someone in their family or to a friend.

Of course, a big part of the day is the wedding reception and it is here that the correct wedding etiquette comes into its own. The menu, cake, table decoration, centerpieces, sound system, and entertainment should be arranged months beforehand. And also thought should be given to the seating plan, the speeches and the comfort of the guests. By using the correct wedding etiquette a good clear structure can be made for each element. All of which will lead to the day being remembered for all the right reasons rather than the wrong ones.

Wedding planning and co-ordination is a tough job to handle with all the details expected to be just right. A good wedding etiquette guide is a must so that the day will be an unbridled success. After all you don’t want a simple but very important item to be overlooked or done wrongly.