Sweet Florals, Silhouettes, And Patterns – Make Your Wedding Stationery Unforgettable

Sweet Florals, Silhouettes, And Patterns – Make Your Wedding Stationery Unforgettable

When planning for your big day, there are so many things to pick and choose that wedding accessories are often overlooked or pushed aside for later. Your dress, the cake, and the venue are usually the main concerns, leaving smaller details like the wedding programs for last minute decisions. The solution to stress-free decisions, even when rushed, is understanding what makes a wedding program design fit in seamlessly with the rest of your wedding decorations and wow your guests at the same time. Here are some trends to look out for:

1. Romantic Florals

Nothing says beauty and grace like a pretty floral pattern. Delicate flower petals or blossoming roses will adorn any wedding stationery flawlessly and can easily be incorporated in the design of many other wedding favors. Choose a floral that is representative of the season of your special day and a simple wedding program will become a nostalgic keepsake for you and guests to save.

2. Charming Silhouettes

Silhouette designs are classic and can truly add spunk and character to your wedding stationery. Choose a silhouette of young lovers exchanging kisses or opt for a symbolic profile of two lovebirds perched on a tree – both will transform a plain wedding program into quirky and personal stationery that will impress your guests.

3. Vintage Patterns

Love floral prints but want something a little different? Try a lovely vintage pattern that is reminiscent of Victorian class and charm. Incorporate a damask pattern throughout the program – these bold yet pleasing patterns will give your wedding programs a romantic and retro personality and are an essential for a vintage or even a royal themed wedding.

4. Monograms

Adding monograms as a focal point on your wedding programs is a quick way to personalize your wedding stationery. Simple typography gives the stationery a clean look, while making a lasting impression. Monograms or names can be arranged with any of the prints mentioned above and will truly add a personal touch of elegance to your programs.

Last minute decisions don’t have to be bad ones. When it comes to choosing your wedding programs, keep in mind what makes stationery personal and unique to your special day. Whether it be a floral print distinct to the season of your wedding or a sweet silhouette that illustrates the playful love between you and your groom-to-be, make sure you find something that will make a memorable impression.