Summer Weddings: Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

Summer Weddings: Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

Summer Weddings: Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

Summer weddings are becoming increasingly popular and memorable experiences are cherished memories for couples and their guests alike. Here are some amazing ideas you should steal for your summer wedding celebration!

Use the gorgeous weather to your advantage and host an outdoor ceremony! Choose an idyllic location – garden, beach or vineyard – where nature’s splendor will serve as the backdrop to exchanging vows surrounded by its beauty. Decorate the space with exquisite floral arrangements and soft draperies for a truly romantic ambiance.

Refreshing Beverages

Keep your guests cool and hydrated by offering refreshing beverage stations. Offer chilled signature cocktails, infused water stations with colorful fruits, and mocktails for non-alcoholic guests, fans or parasols as needed to ensure everyone remains comfortable throughout their event day. Don’t forget fans, parasols or sunscreen to ensure everyone stays comfortable throughout.

Creative Seating Options

Break from traditional seating arrangements by opting for creative seating arrangements. Use vintage couches, hay bales or mix-and-match chairs to create an eclectic and cozy environment. Cushions or blankets may add even further comfort during outdoor ceremonies or receptions.

Floral Details

Make your summer wedding unforgettable by including vibrant flowers in all aspects, including bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and hairstyles. Sunflowers, peonies and roses are popular choices that capture its spirit perfectly.

Engaging Food Stations

Make your reception more exciting by including interactive food stations at its core. Consider providing make-your-own taco bars, sushi rolling stations or build-your-own ice cream sundae stands to give guests the ability to customize their meals while engaging with culinary experiences! This allows guests to customize meals as part of an immersive culinary experience!

Games and Activities

Keep your guests engaged by providing lawn games like croquet, cornhole, giant Jenga or a photo booth with props for them to capture moments at your venue. These activities will create a lively atmosphere while guaranteeing they all have an incredible time.

Make the most of summer’s longer daylight hours and plan a beautiful sunset ceremony to mark an unforgettable memory. Let the magical hues of nature provide the backdrop as you exchange vows, creating an unforgettable momentous occasion.

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