Smart Tips For a Smart Choice of a Wedding Reception Venue

Smart Tips For a Smart Choice of a Wedding Reception Venue

Getting married this June? Congratulations! There is nothing more wonderful than to be a June bride. One of the major tasks in a wedding is choosing the right venue for the wedding reception. Thinking about it can bring you headache sometimes as there are many things to consider. Whether you will have it as a garden wedding, beach wedding, pool wedding or perhaps the customary church wedding, everything will be perfect just because you will be wed to the one you love.

I have listed down a few tips on how to choose the right venue for your wedding reception:

1.Money – Discuss with your partner how much you are willing to pay for the venue. Your budget will also determine where you can hold your wedding reception. The budget for your wedding venue can be a deciding point whether you can afford an out of state wedding, hotel or garden venue and whether you will get an outside catering or opt for the hotel’s catering services. These days, however, it is practical to find a good venue that is not too expensive. For example, if you live in St Louis Missouri, there’s no need to look far as there are surely a lot of good St Louis wedding venues you can find.

2.Numbers of guests- Jot down on your notepad planner the number of expected guests both from work, family and your social circle. It would be best to contact them after sending the invitation to confirm their attendance on the wedding day. The number of guests should be considered to choose the right venue for your wedding. After all, you would not want your one hundred guests to be all mashed up against each other.

3.Parking area- This is one aspect that most wedding planners tend to forget. Ask the manager of the venue what the parking area’s capacity is or how many cars can be parked and, if possible, you can you occupy the whole parking area. If the area is too small for your expected guests, try renting a bus or a car service which can take your guests to your venue. Or if there is a vacant lot near the venue, maybe you can rent it for a day.

Remember that choosing the right venue for your wedding day is one of the most important tasks that needs careful planning. The wedding venue can set the theme of your wedding and can also greatly affect your wedding budget. Once you have decided the venue for your wedding, all the the fun details will fall right in place. Ask family and friends to help you out in planning your wedding. I am sure they would be more than happy to cooperate for the success of your dream wedding.