Seed Wedding Favors Theme Ideas

Seed Wedding Favors Theme Ideas

Couples are always on the look out for unique ideas for their wedding favors and seed wedding favors can make their celebration one of a kind, and also to stand out in the minds of their guests and be remembered even after the actual event. Seed wedding favors are uncommon lovely treats for your guests.

It’s not something that your guests will just put in their cabinets as a decoration. They will have to plant these seeds, watch it grow and later on marvel at the assortment of blooming flowers that will grace their houses. When they see the flowers, they will be reminded of your celebration and how special it was.

More importantly, flowers never fail to brighten any room or garden or even a person. That’s one of the reasons why a bride carries with her a flower bouquet to look more radiant as she walk down the aisle and why little flower girls scatters petals on her path.

That being said, couples can never go wrong in giving seed wedding favors because they’re so easy to prepare.

  1. Choose the seeds that you want to give as favors. There are many kinds of seeds that you can use for your wedding seed favors from flowering plants to trees to decorative house plants.
  2. If you have a favorite flowering plant or if your fiancée often gives you a certain kind of flower then you may want to give the seeds of that flower as it has deeper meaning for you and your guy.
  3. Divide the seeds and place them inside wedding seed packs. Create a personalized seed packs to hold the seeds, let your wedding theme be your guide.
  4. Insert an instruction sheet inside the packs on how to grow the seeds. Don’t forget the instruction sheet! You will want to make it easy for your guests to grow these flowers!
  5. Place the seed packs inside wedding favor bags and display them during the wedding. To make it handy for your guests you may consider putting their wedding favors inside wedding favor bags, if you can make the bags personalize too that is even great!
  6. Attach seed packs to laminated bookmark favors with a photo of the flower.

There are many kinds of seeds that you can use for your seed wedding favors from flowering plants to trees to decorative house plants. Choose something that has meaning to you and let your wedding theme be also your guide.

If your wedding is anchored on a particular theme then you can find seeds that reflect your theme.

Flower Wedding Theme
A wedding theme based on flowers is an easy one. You can prepare wedding seed packs of different kind of flowers, you can throw in petunias, sunflowers, snapdragons etc. If your flower theme is focused on a particular flower such as geranium then for variety you can select different colors of geranium like white, violet and blue.

For weddings with themes other than flowers, it is still easy to connect the seeds to the theme by placing the wedding seed packets inside a theme decorated wedding favor bags.

Samples of wedding seed packs that you may try for different wedding themes:

Beach or Seashore Wedding
The best option for beach or seashore theme wedding is going for the shrubs or flowers that grow near seas and oceans. Recommended ones are Bayberry if you favor bushes; Sweet Pea if you like vines or Rosemary if you are a fan of herbs.

To create the beach vibe, you can place the seed wedding favors inside miniature pirates’ treasure chest, giant sea shells or wedding favor bags decorated with mini seashells.

Weddings with a Western flare
Western usually makes one thinks of desert, cowboys and cactus. Desert flowers like Galliarda and Desert Marigold are ideal for this theme. You can put the seed packets in small pots or miniature cowboy hats and distribute these pots all around the venue.

Romantic Theme like Valentines or Sweetheart Theme
One of the first choices when presented with Valentines or sweetheart theme is roses, but there are many other flowers that are also just as romantic. You may want to include wedding seed packets of forget-me-nots, bell flowers and sunflowers.

Themes Based on Colors
The best wedding seed packs for color based themes are those seeds of flowering plants that are of the same color as your wedding color motif. If your theme is blue and white, you can select the seeds of white daisies and blue geranium. To make your favors more vibrant you can place the seed packs inside a velvety blue pouch or a wedding favor bags in aqua.

Another great color combination would be lavender and gold, this color combination is best reflected by choosing wedding seed favors of violets, purple irises, lilacs placed in golden boxes.

Hopefully the above ideas will provide you with some inspiration to come up with your own personalized seed wedding favors. Make sure that you insert an instruction sheet on how to grow and take care of the seeds!