Say Yes To Custom-Made Dresses For Your Wedding Day

Say Yes To Custom-Made Dresses For Your Wedding Day

At certain times in our lives, we feel the need to surpass conventionality and add a unique twist to otherwise ordinary situations. Undoubtedly, no better opportunity exists than when the time arrives to choose your wedding gown. Sure, an off-the-rack option is a traditional approach to finding the gown of your dreams, but what if you cannot find your ideal gown on the racks? Custom-made dresses give you the freedom to display your individual taste and preferences. On your route to wedding-aisle perfection, there are some things to consider when deciding upon custom-made dresses:


The Bridal Association of America reports that brides pay an average of $1,505 for their bridal gowns each year. Custom-made dresses are not always the most budget-friendly options, but they don’t have to break the bank either. Actually, some brides end up spending considerably less than they would in a boutique. You need to make a list of your needs and requirements and get what you want.

Clearly, the more ornate the design, the greater the investment you will make. If your visualization is simple, yet elegant, you are likely to pay less than brides craving extravagance. Fabric choice and amount are essential in determining which end of the cost spectrum you will fall into. Some fabrics can start at a mere $4 per yard whereas other silk variations will set you back nearly $35 per yard.


Nothing compares to obtaining a perfect fit from your perfect design than opting for a dressmaker and avoiding the monotony of sorting through endless racks of options. However, it may seem difficult to put your dream ideas down on paper. Professionals suggest creating an inspiration board of what designs and color schemes you are most drawn to. An experienced professional can use this board to create a less expensive version of your designer favorite. It is equally important to set aside time to try on samples at a local bridal store to discover which styles look best on you.

Additionally, an extra special idea is to alter a family heirloom. Perhaps your grandmother has passed down a gorgeous gown that an expert could transform into the one of your dreams. Removing sleeves, adding some buttons down the back or converting the neckline are a few of the alterations the pros can make so that it becomes personalized for you.


A majority of the dressmakers offer the option of creating a mock-up of their custom-made dresses. This is an ideal way to ensure you are creating your masterpiece before the first stitch being placed on the actual gown. Some brides elect to go a different route after trying on the sample. To properly prepare for your fitting, bring the undergarments, shoes, and accessories you plan to wear on the big day to get the most precise fit. Not only should it flow effortlessly as you move from ceremony and pictures to dinner and dancing, it also needs to be the most memorable dress you have ever put on your body.