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Quirky Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Quirky Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Not every bride is into the cookie cutter wedding. If you are the type of bride who is ordering unique custom bridal jewelry, handmade wedding invitations, and whimsical favors, the standard centerpieces are just not going to appeal to you. Get inspired for your reception decorations with these quirky wedding centerpiece ideas.

Fishbowl vessels: Why have vases filled with plain water when you can make them fun and interesting? A delightful idea is to have real fish swimming around in the centerpiece vases. This is a unique idea for a summer or tropical theme wedding. They will definitely be a conversion starter at the reception! Keep stems short on the floral arrangements so the fish have plenty of room to swim, and be sure to have a plan for a good home for your little fish after the reception.

Non-floral centerpieces: This is an ongoing trend that can be interpreted in a huge variety of ways. Tailor your non-floral centerpieces to your interests. If you and your future spouse are book lovers, stack up a pile of hardcover books in the center of the reception tables. Perhaps you adore birds – fanciful birdcages filled with candles would be charming centerpieces. Non-floral centerpieces tend to be very whimsical, but you could design one which is very grand, such as a chocolate sculpture in the center of each table. That would be a unique idea for a more formal wedding, with the bride in a ballgown and custom bridal jewelry.

Fruit and vegetables in centerpieces: Accent your beautiful flowers by mixing some fruit and vegetables into the table arrangements. Wire clementines into a fuchsia and orange floral centerpiece. Add artichokes for a rustic autumn feeling. You can also use fruits or veggies to line clear centerpiece vessels. Sliced limes look fresh and fun for a summer wedding, topped with yellow or pink flowers. Line a square vessel with elegant stalks of asparagus and top with deep purple blossoms for a totally unexpected design. Your guests will be surprised by your unique additions and as a bonus, fruits and vegetables can be an inexpensive way to fill out a floral arrangement.

Spray painted centerpieces: An up-and-coming trend in wedding receptions is to gather an assortment of items and spray paint them a uniform color. Choose one color, such as gold, silver, ivory, or white, and paint all of your decorative elements the same color. Ideas include a collection of succulents in low boxes, fresh pears in trays, or even tiny items hanging from branches. You can use the uniform color to unify a disparate grouping too, if you wish. It is a new approach to creating unique centerpieces with a contemporary flair.

Hanging centerpieces: This is a particularly appealing design concept for receptions where space is at a premium. Reception tables can end up very crowded with decorations, favors, table numbers, and place settings, especially when the tables are on the small side for the number of guests. Give your tables an open and uncluttered feeling by lifting the centerpiece up into the air above the tabletop. Hang strings of orchid petals, clusters of colorful Chinese lanterns, ornate candle globes, or anything else which strikes your fancy. Be sure that the centerpieces clear the table by a couple of feet so that your guests can see each other across the table. They will be sure to enjoy the open concept of a hanging centerpiece.