Planning A Pink Themed Bridal Shower

Planning A Pink Themed Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower can be very fun. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to choosing a theme and other bridal shower ideas. Traditionally, this party is strictly for ladies but because most brides-to-be these days want to be unique, it is now accepted to have male guests in a bridal shower.

When planning a bridal shower, it would be a lot easier to have a theme. This will guide you when you choose decorations and other party supplies that suit best. There are varieties of bridal shower themes to choose from, and again you can get as creative and unique as you want to make the event memorable to everyone, especially to the bride-to-be.

Colors are among the most famous themes for bridal showers. For a chic and sassy bride, pink is probably the best color to go for. You can start bringing out the theme on the party invitations. A color-block effect on the invite is a great idea. One good example are cutouts of colored paper that are glued to each invitation, and then a saying can be printed at the bottom part.

You can dress up the table with pink fabrics; the guests can enjoy the buffet that includes fresh skewed fruits, sandwiches, vegetable salad, chicken salad with raspberries, and balsamic shrimp. This embellished table will sure to be the most favorite place of everyone at the party.

To further decorate the room, you can create photo garlands of both the bride’s and groom’s childhoods. This unique time-line decor often creates a festive look. Making a photo garland is actually very easy. To make, first you need to sew envelopes together from end to end (make sure that the flaps are open). You can use a sewing machine if you have, or you can sew them by your hand. The final step is to glue the photos to pink colored paper and slide them inside the envelopes.

Another cool pinkish idea for a bridal shower is to create pink drink tags. All the ladies at the shower will be refreshed by fizzy, non-alcoholic sangria with a pretty color that comes from the red apples. To top it off, each glass will feature a pink tag with the bride’s name or initials, or her and her groom’s combined monograms.

Bridal shower gifts can be wrapped in pink cellophane or gift wrap. A great idea is to prepare a table for the gifts draped also in a pink fabric, or better yet prepare a huge box that is covered with pink wrapper. You can further embellish the box with the bride’s name or monograms and colored paper cutouts.

Matching shower favors could be pink stationery with rubber stamps that are customized with each guest’s initial. Put together the stationery and stamp and tie a pink ribbon on them to create a final touch. These favors are then ready to give out to each guest at the party.

For some more shower ideas and bridal shower themes, surf the internet and visit websites that specialize in those things. Shower decorations, invitations, games, and souvenirs are available on many e-stores online.