Pashmina Shawls – What Color Shawl Can I Wear With a Red Dress?

Pashmina Shawls – What Color Shawl Can I Wear With a Red Dress?

Shawls and wraps! Whatever the occasion may be, whether it is the corporate Christmas party that your company is having, or an elegant charity ball in one of the classiest venues in town… the main point of concern that most women would have would be: what to wear? Of course, most women would want to stand out from the crowd and not want be singled out as drab or boring during the event.

The best way to achieve this effect is with a red dress.

Red is now considered as the new neutral for corporate attires, but it can also be used as a dress color if you really want to stand out from the ordinary multitude and be noticed. Wearing a red dress can really catch people’s attention and would make them stop and listen to what you want to say, particularly in a public or social event that you are heading to.

However, wearing a red dress can also limit your accessories as most coats would not be proper to wear and this would be to your disadvantage particularly if the weather or the venue is quite cold. The best way to remedy this is by wearing a shawl or a shrug, which can bring you to this one particular question: what color shawl can I wear with a red dress?

The Allures of a Red Dress:
The red dress is the best thing to wear if you want to attract attention to yourself at the party or the event, as most people would not even dare or have the confidence to wear such a bold color in such a public place. Wearing it with confidence would have everyone’s eyes on you.

You can wear a red dress that is fit to flatter your figure more and look really, really sexy, or you can be modest and wear a cut that is not so flattering but would still look hot in red. A red dress can be worn at practically any season, but would suit the holidays well if worn with a woolen scarf or shawl. Some modern women, who are unconventional in their taste, would prefer to wear red for their wedding dress, complete with red accessories and all. That would really look rather stunning and different at the same time, but the bottom line is still there – they would really like to stand out and look good.

Style and Functionality of Wearing a Shawl:
Men and women from different cultures, race and nationalities have been wearing shawls for centuries; some for aesthetic purposes while others are purely functional. Shawls can protect the wearer from the elements and from the cold. They can be worn to cover the shoulders or the neck or wrapped around the head as a turban. In some cultures, shawls are worn around the body as part of the traditional garment. In modern times, shawls are worn both for its functional use as well as a fashion accessory and have been a consistent favorite even at high fashion circles. They can be worn as an addition to your existing wardrobe, or to enhance and complement the color and style of the dress you’re wearing.

The main thing to consider, particularly if you want to answer the question “What color shawl can I wear with a red dress?”, is to learn how to color coordinate as well as mix and match designs and materials. Doing this properly can create a stunning look for you, whether you’re wearing a black or an elegantly bold red dress.

What Color Shawl Can I Wear with a Red Dress?
The answer to this question lies in what intention you have for wearing the shawl. Your intent may be to tone down the red color a bit or to enhance it even more. If your purpose is for enhancement, then you should match your dress with an equally red shawl made from a different material. You could also match it with black or silver-colored shawls to make your red dress stand out even more.

If your purpose is to play the red color down a little, neutral or gray colors can subdue the red for a little bit. Another method is to color coordinate using the color triads (red, blue and yellow) or using complementary combinations like wearing green on red. Whichever way you choose to wear it, the results would all still be the same – a stunningly elegant and beautiful you.