Most Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Most Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Amid the hectic preparations for your wedding, you may miss one or two details, especially when it comes to your paper goods communicating information about the big day. You have two options: sending out perfect invitations and not. We can learn from past couples’ mistakes, and to avoid them, we are sharing the most common wedding stationery mistakes and what you can do now to keep away from these time- and money-consuming blunders.

Most common wedding invitation mistakes and how to avoid them

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Incorrect Spelling

Let’s be honest. No one wants their wedding invitation to go out with “you’re invired to the weddibg of …” written on it. It’ll be a nice laugh for the family, but we can guarantee you’ll cringe a bit. If you’re DIYing your invites, have someone else double check the invitations before they are printed and again right before they are sent out. If you have a professional designer working on them, request a digital copy of your invitation to review and approve before printing (though most do this as it’s a common practice anyway!).

Common wedding stationery mistakes

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Missing Information

You don’t want your guests to keep turning the invitation back and forth in their hands, looking for a missing piece of information. And more importantly, it’s best to avoid getting unnecessary phone calls a week before your wedding because your loved ones don’t know the address to the wedding venue. Make sure to include the date, time, and address at the bare minimum. If all the information doesn’t fit within your invitation suite, create a free wedding website to have every single detail your guests might need. At least that way you can also update it anytime you want unlike the physical stationery!

How to avoid mistakes on your wedding invitations

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Not Enough Invitations

Having more invitations than you need is always a wedding best practice. It’s recommended to order at least 10 additional invite suites (including envelopes) beyond your guest list numbers. Whether it’s remembering a couple of guests at the last second to your auntie misplacing her keepsake copy, it’s better to be prepared. So rather than ordering the exact number you need, order a couple of extras. Even if you don’t forget any invitees, you may want extras to frame or keep them in your memory box. Or some family members may ask for one more invitation to share with their friends. Whatever the case may be, if you need ideas on what to do with your stationery leftovers, we already came up with some ideas on what to do with your extra wedding invitations for you so nothing goes to waste.

Wedding invitation mistakes to avoid making

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Forgetting the Accessories

Wax seals, postage stamps, silk ribbons, belly bands, paper jackets, return address rubber stamps, et cetera. Whatever your style is, your invitations may need at least one or two add-ons to complete your desired look. Unfortunately, these can be easily forgotten. Make sure to write a checklist of all the extras you need for the invitations, set a budget, and then communicate with your stationer to see if they can source these or if you need to order them separately.

How to save time and money by avoiding these wedding stationery mistakes

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Not Being Clear

Don’t you hate it when being invited to a wedding without knowing what you’re being invited to? First, you could be invited to the ceremony, but then you could also be invited to the reception. Or even the after-party for all you know. You may not know how formal the event is or the dress code. You would be surprised how common unclear invitations are. Remember to make it obvious to your guests which part of the day they’re invited to so you can avoid dealing with the potential awkward aftermath. Additionally, if you’re inviting only one or two members of a family or requesting no children in attendance, try to make it as uncomplicated as possible within your invitation suite.

How to have perfect wedding invitations

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Now that you know the most common mistakes people make with wedding stationery, you’ll be able to dodge them. If you keep these in mind when planning, your invitations will be perfect! Just remember ordering a couple of extras and reviewing the text before the invitations are sent out, and you’ll set the tone for an organized and fun wedding day to come.

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