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Modern Fun And Twists On Color Wedding Veils

Modern Fun And Twists On Color Wedding Veils

Choosing a wedding veil is the final layer onto the perfect gown. There are so many types to choose from and come in a variety of lengths, trims and colors.

In today’s fashion world having a color wedding veil is nothing new. Brides like to have them ordered to match their bridesmaid’s dresses or the colors of their bouquets. It is a fun, flirty way to go even in an indoor church ceremony.

Today’s bride may go dress shopping knowing exactly what she is looking for in a dress. A consultant can help with the finishing touch of helping to choose a veil that will be the focal point for the bride. Most modern bridal shops and salons offer coordinating items to compliment every gown. There is also staff knowledgeable in the areas of options that the bride may be curious about adding to her complete wedding gown package, but she may feel that she does not know where to start.

This is the case with the veil as well. One of the other attributes to decide on for the veil is the length. There are many variations on the length; these include cathedral (longer than a floor length or more train), finger tip length (about three feet long), and elbow length (meaning waist length). Veils can also be tiered, which is another decision to factor into the equation.

Then the consultant can begin to tackle the area of the color wedding veil. A consultant can go over the colors of the wedding and give great input into what a custom made color wedding veil would look like. It can come with a custom color trim on it which makes for gorgeous photographs, or a modern bride may choose to dye their entire veil a shade or two darker than their gown. Champagne is a very popular color.

Currently there is also the option to have a color wedding veil dyed to coordinate with the general colors of the whole wedding; this is also a fun and daring option for the wilder tastes of some brides. It might be the extra flair that a less conservative bride wants to throw in to the traditional aspects of the other parts of the ceremony. This allows her to express herself, as well as breaking the same old color molds of most wedding veils. More conservative wedding attendees may actually get a kick out of the dyed color wedding veil.

Choosing a headpiece to go with your veil is also important. It really is based on the bride’s taste and what she sees as the perfect veil. The headpiece can be matched with the veil also, and a little fun can be had in this arena as well.

Brides today can now choose from a wide range of sumptuous tones, styles, edges, and accents for their veils.