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Including Drama in Your Wedding Favors

Including Drama in Your Wedding Favors

There are some simple things included in a wedding that sometimes take the longest to arrange, wedding favors for instance. They are little but they can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of the wedding. Therefore, it is very important to give them proper care and attention.

Including drama in wedding favors is a creative way of saying “thank you” to all the guests involved in the wedding. There are lots of ways how to be creative, yet practical, when it comes to making wedding favors.
If the wedding favors were handles carefully, they can make creative and impressive attraction in a wedding. Thanks to the continuous creativity that has taken when making wedding favors – they are virtually boundless! One easy favor option is involving flowers. This idea doesn’t really take much to arrange but guests can really enjoy it. Re roses are among the popular flowers that are usually used when making wedding favors. They are symbol of love, and can really bring a romantic and intimate effect on every table setting.

Aside from flowers, candies have been popularly used as favors as well. Almost eight out of 10 weddings are using candies as little trinkets for their guests. They were often placed in favor boxes or bags. Today, there are weddings that provide a candy bar for guests. The guests can help themselves to scoop button candies into little favor boxes or bags provided to them. Alternatively, a couple may consider mints, gums, Jordan almonds, mini chocolate bars and other edible tasty treats as favors of their nuptial.
Another dramatic touches that can be included on table settings are mini picture frames. These can double as place card holders. If a couple opt to use picture frames as place card holders, wrapping them won’t be necessary. Otherwise, they can be wrapped if intended to serve as favors alone.

For a large wedding reception with a quite tight budget, bookmarks can add drama on table settings. As favors, bookmarks are budget-friendly yet very functional. Guests can utilize the bookmarks after the wedding ends. A couple may opt to put a bit of drama on bookmarks, such as engraved symbols or scriptures, line of poems or even a personal message from them. Simple yet useful, bookmarks will never be a wrong choice as wedding favors.

Soap and other bath favors are also among the popular ones given during weddings. Bath favors such as soaps, bubble bath and bath salts are a few that can be given as wedding or bridal shower souvenirs for guests. Perfect for a spa themed bridal shower, soaps and other bath items are adorable little gifts for friends and loved ones.

Today, favors are widely available online. Most busy couples these days opt to go online than shopping party favors at a local store. From simple, formal to unique favors, online stores have them all for every type of wedding. Personal touches on favors is also a great way to add drama on them. Personalized favors usually include names, monograms, wedding date and phrases or personal messages from the couple.