Green Weddings

The traditional wedding is expensive, extravagant, and elegant expense to the bride and groom. The bride and groom will pay a large amount to create an elegant, romantic, and fairytale wedding. Now, the green weddings are entering the multi-million dollar wedding industry.

Green weddings show the awareness and responsibility to take care of our environment. Green is also known as environment friendly, or eco friendly wedding. Green wedding theme inspires the guests, relatives, and friends to their part on the environment.

Use recycled gold wedding band. The fair trade stores may sell recycled gold for wedding bands. Antique shows, auctions, and shops may also carry some lovely wedding bands.

Arrive in style with smart car convertible. The smart cars use a fraction of fuel against the conventional cars. Organize car pools for the guests. The car pool takes several cars away from the road and pollutants away from air. Set the wedding ceremony and wedding reception at close proximity. Hence, the guests have to travel less for the next itinerary.

Ask for the print shop to use recycled paper for wedding invitation. The recycle of paper and plastic campaign are very successful. The environment conscious society is recycling more than ever. The recycled papers and stationary are now widely available. For a paperless wedding invitation, the bride and groom may consider online wedding website.

Rent, or borrow the wedding dress to friends, and relatives. Rent or borrow the wedding dress allows the wedding dress to be reused or recycled. Sometimes, the eBay sells wedding dress in good condition.

The digital photography gets as great as the real camera. The wedding photographers can get the same results with digital camera. The advancement in digital photography allows the bride and groom to screen unwanted pictures. The bride and groom digitally check the pictures to be print for copy.

Reuse the wedding flowers on wedding. The wedding flowers from church may be used at the wedding reception as well. The wedding flowers that are available locally and seasonally reduce the fuel costs to be burn to travel the wedding flowers. Try to use organic wedding flowers to reduce the use of pesticides.

Serve dishes on a reusable and washable plates, spoons, and glasses. Thereby, we reduce the amount of natural resources to go to waste. If it is impossible to use reusable and washable plates, spoons, and glasses, the easily biodegradable plates, spoons, and glasses are excellent alternative.

There are caterers who specialize in organic dishes. Using only organic ingredients, the chef or cook creates the appetizing dishes for the wedding reception to enjoy. The organic wines, spirits, champagne, beer, soft drinks, and juices will quench the thirst of the guests.

Toss only biodegradable wedding toss such as paper, nuts, wheat, and rice. The nuts, wheat, and rice will feed the birds, and squirrels.
Go on ecotourism for honeymoon. The ecotourism is also known as ecological tourism. Experience the adventure local culture, wilderness, flora, and fauna. Ecotourism promotes recycle of biodegradable materials, efficient use of energy, and conservation of water supply, rebuild of forest, evaluation of local culture, reduction of waste, education of ecosystem, reproduction of endanger species, and reversal of global warming.