Gothic Costume Ideas For Halloween

Gothic Costume Ideas For Halloween

This is the time of year to consider what type of Halloween costume to purchase or make as there are so many choices available. One popular style for a Halloween Costume is a theme with a Gothic look. The Gothic style is perceived to be that of darkness and gloom which fits in perfectly with the Halloween theme. Goth costume ideas can be found easily online and there are several great choices that can be found for children, teen, and adults.

The great thing about choosing the Gothic look for Halloween is that you can take almost any type of costume and make it Gothic with the thought of make it black or dark. Black clothing, black boots or shoes, black gloves, and so forth. If a color is desired a dark blue or purple would work and a bright color choice would be a red or hot pink.

Some popular costumes that can be made or purchased with a Gothic look would be:

1. Gothic Angel.
Take an angel costume and add some black Gothic wings and a black halo. If needed purchase a black wig or some black hairspray, add with some pale makeup with dark lipstick and your are a Goth angel.

2. Gothic Vampire or Vampira.
A perfect idea for those couples who would like to go as a matching theme. For the vampire costume, a long flowing black cape, dark burgundy vest and white shirt, black pants, and a medallion necklace. For the vampira, a long black and burgundy dress with lace, a lace petticoat, and a jeweled choker necklace. For both, a set of vampire fangs and some gothic makeup to finish the look.

3. Gothic Bride.
There are numerous choices that would work for a bride costume. A dark full length dress with a black veil and black sheer arm length gloves. Another choice that would turn heads would be a bright red and black short dress(with torn or jagged edges), with black knee high boots, and a red and black lace headband. Both of these with some black roses would make a perfect match for a groom.

4. Gothic Witch.
To become a witch with the Goth look one choice would be to use a short black dress with dark purple lace, black studded belt and choker, lace up high black boots, and a studded black witch hat.

There are many other choices that if you research online and add some of your own Gothic ideas you can have a Halloween Gothic costume that will turn heads and get a lot of compliments.