Foods to Look Forward to at Arya Vysya Weddings

Foods to Look Forward to at Arya Vysya Weddings

Arya Vysya caste belongs to the Southern part of India. They have a brief wedding ceremony. But the rituals are quite specific and they have to be performed. In this caste, you will see that the weddings include many guests and they all take part in the rituals too. They still are quite traditional when it comes to the wedding rituals. Also, they serve authentic foods to the guests who come to attend the wedding.

Home made food for the guests

Some years back there was the tradition in Arya Vysya matrimony that the food would be cooked at home. There would be items like a few south Indian delicacies. But these days, most of the families order food from a catering service and expect that they would get foods on time. But again, many have now turned out to be quite modern and they arrange the weddings just like the other castes.

The foods that you would look forward to in these weddings

In Arya Vysya weddings you will find the variety of foods made out of nutritious ingredients like ghee, oil, cream, milk, atta and veggies. You will find the beverages made out of milk as well as out of the pulses. There would be food like poori, vegetables, Dal and rice. Also, sweets form an important part in Arya Vysya weddings.

You will also come across some of the fried items that would taste so nice. These people are simple and thus, their rituals also are quite meaningful and simple. But, when it comes to food, they serve the authentic foods to the guests and they really get impressed with the same. Food is served on the banana leaf so as to give an authentic look. There are many ceremonies in the wedding. There would also be a few ceremonies before the wedding. In every ceremony, you will find that there would be something or the other served to the guests. Thus, the guests leave with satiety and happiness.

Coconut also plays a key role in the customs of Arya Vysya matrimony. In this, you will see that many items would have grated coconut into it. This would add the taste and would also enhance the nourishment.

The times have changed

Since times have changed it is really good that now, the females in this caste can take some amount of rest. Since food would directly come from the catering service, there would not be any need to cook the food. But due to some customs, there would be certain things that need to be prepared at home. This includes the small pieces of cucumber and chili paste. This combination is to be served to the guests on the day when they hold the puja. The entire day guests would come and go. This combination along with soaked moong Dal has to be given to the guests.

Thus, what really make a difference are the customs and the rituals, these are quite enriching and knowledge enhancing. Every wedding has something special there are many special things about Arya Vysya weddings.