Fashion School Flare For Your Night Out

Fashion School Flare For Your Night Out

It doesn’t take a fashion college education to get yourself dressed up for a night on the town (though it might help), but things can still get a bit confusing when preparing your sexy self for a special night out. The fashion tides are changing quicker than ever, and the last thing you want is to show up to the door of the hottest night spot looking…well… anything less than hot! Thankfully, we can assure you that you are not the first woman on the planet to encounter the mystery of dressing oneself for a fun night out! Take a look at some of these fashion ensemble ideas, straight out of the fashion college classrooms to inspire you for your own weekend fun.

1. For the woman with the ultra-feminine hourglass figure, a soft, yet structured, fitted dress is a great way to wow the crowds on a night out and about. Pick a short dress that is fitted around the hips and thighs. It often helps to pick a dress that is a different color on the top and bottom, though you can obviously choose any dress that suits your taste. A change of color around the waistline will emphasize your curves, and fitted bottom half will hug your hips and flaunt toned legs! Pair your show-stopping dress with a pair of fun-colored platform pumps, a clutch or a small purse and choose one fun jewelry accessory, like a pair of dangling earrings or even a ring.

2. Who says you can’t show up to the club in jeans? As long as the jeans are fitted and sexy, you can absolutely rock some denim duds out and about. If you want to show off your toned legs, and hide any middle pudge, try pairing some faded, fitted, skinny jeans with a loose, low-cut tunic in a fabric like chiffon. In order to remove the focus from your middle section, choose a tunic with a wild pattern, a ruched detail or an empire-waist. Finish off the denim-chic look with a pair of heels, platform booties, some stud earrings and some bangles for your wrists!

3. If you’ve got an ultra-slim figure to rock, slip on a little black dress and show it off! Since the ultra-slim can pull off pretty much anything, it’s a good idea to choose a look that will emphasize the little curvacious-ness that you’ve got. Choose a short, skin-tight tank dress that will proudly display your tiny legs and work the curves you’ve got. Choose it in black for a sophisticated staple, or a bright color like peach or red if you’re looking to stand out in a crowd. Add a belt around your waist if you really want to emphasize your hips. Finish off the look with a Brightly colored pair of pumps and a classic clutch.

More than an extensive knowledge of fashion merchandising, dressing up to go out takes a little bit of confidence, energy and a lot of personal style. However it really helps if you know what kind of clothes work the best on your body type. That’s the type of detail-oriented thinking that becomes the difference between looking good, and looking GREAT!