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Expired Domains and Your New Website

Expired Domains and Your New Website

Before rushing into building your new website, it may be worth you finding out about expired domains. They can instantly bring visitors to your new website from the start, before you have even started on any promotional work. Promoting a website can be the hardest, most expensive aspect of creating a successful website. So getting visitors from the beginning by using an expired domain could prove very fruitful. So what are these expired domains and how can you take advantage of them?

A domain is the name you use for a website, eg google.com , whereas the website is what people see – the pages, graphics etc. When someone types in a domain into their internet browser, they are taken to the related website. Domains are registered through registrars, and a domain is registered for a specific period of time. Before the end of this period the domain may be renewed, and so the registration of the domain may continue indefinitely.

But if a domain doesn’t get renewed then it becomes available again for anyone to register it once again. A domain such as this is called an expired domain, or expired domain name. The original website may still exist somewhere on a computer, but if you try to visit an expired domain you will get an error – the domain no longer takes users to the underlying website.

The benefits of using an expired domain name become obvious when you consider that the previous owner may have done a lot of promotional work.

For example, someone may have come up with the idea of building a website to sell widgets. They will have registered a domain name, built a website, and then promoted it all over the internet. There may be thousands of other websites linking to his widget website, and his website may have got lots of visitors.

When it becomes time to renew the domain, the owner of the widget website may decide not to continue, for any number of reasons, and the domain expires. Once the domain expires and becomes available again for registration, anyone can then register the domain and direct the visitors to their own website – instant visitors!

There are many people who register expired domains and then direct visitors to that domain to a website full of adverts, in the hope that a visitor will click on an advert and hence the website makes money. This can prove to be a very lucrative business practice.

If you are about to set up a website, you too can take advantage of these visitors. The trick is to find a domain about to expire that has been well promoted and was previously similar to the website you are about to create. For example, if the previous domain was about bridal wear and you are setting up a website about fishing, you may get visitors, but they will not be interested in what you have to offer. It is important to match up the expired domain with your new website venture.

So the two most important considerations when looking for an expired domain are – how many visitors does it get (which can be related to the number of links pointing at it – the more links, the more visitors), and what was the previous underlying website about.

Now you can see how an expired domain could benefit your new website, how do you go about finding one? There are several services on the internet that can provide the relevant information. This can be a good place to start researching expired and expiring domains.

Before setting up a new website it is worth doing some research into expired domains to give you a helping hand towards creating a successful website.