DIY Wedding Invitation Guide

You want your wedding invitations to be beautiful and unique to your wedding all while remaining cost-effective, so you have decided to create your own invitations from scratch. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a guide to get you there.

Your invitations are the first thing someone sees of your wedding. They set the tone of the entire event and give your guests an idea of what to expect. Start by choosing your design direction. What do you want your guests to see when they pull your invitation out of the envelope? Here are some ideas: something elegant, vintage, nature-themed, glamorous, urban, beachy, modern, playful, colorful or simple. If you need to surf the web for inspiration, do so. Choose whatever conveys your wedding and personality the best and remember that less is always more.

Start with a few sketches of what you want the wedding invitation to look like. What will be the focal point? You could choose your names in bold beautiful type or a monogram of your initials. Perhaps some sort of graphic symbol representing the theme, like a flower, snowflake, bicycle or wine bottle would be nice. The focal point and your names should be the most prominent part of the design and everything else should act as a supporting role.

Creating the actual design is where the fun begins. If you have good computer skills and access to professional-grade design software, this will come in handy. If you don’t know how to navigate a program like that, head to a nearby scrapbooking store and pick up some ink stamps or embossing equipment. Go ahead and use those items and whatever programs you already have on your computer. A beautiful font can go a long way and you can always spice it up with ribbon or rhinestones if you feel the printed elements are too basic.

When determining the design, also consider how many guests you are inviting and how many invitations you have to make. Will you need reception cards, RSVPs, maps or accommodation cards? This helps you determine how much paper to buy and how much printing will cost. More paper requires more printing, more ink and more money.

When choosing a paper, you may go for a simple and more cost-effective linen one, a rougher, more natural type, a shimmery cardstock or a paper with a beautiful floral print. Again, think of what message you want to convey. Depending on your budget, this could be a very important step. Paper can range in cost; it can be very pricey or relatively inexpensive. If you have a slim budget, buy online and in bulk and remember not every kind will print on the old inkjet you have at home. The shimmery types will need a laser printer or else the ink will smear. Printing can be a very tedious process and although it may cost a little more, I would recommend heading to your nearest office supply store to get this part of the project done and save you the headache.

Don’t forget to think about what tools you will need. A paper cutter with a big arm is a life-saver when trying to cut straight lines over and over. A bone folder is a great tool for creating a clean crease on your paper without damaging it. You’ll want good scissors if working with ribbon and probably double-sided tape if anything is being attached to the paper. Remember to factor in the cost and purchase of postage stamps as well.

Once you print your invitations and have all the materials, the fastest way to assemble them is by having a little party and getting your friends involved. Create a few samples before-hand so they see what you expect and then assign each person a job and watch your stack of completed wedding invites grow before your eyes!