Different Styles of Bridal Sashes

In times past the traditional wedding gown was white or ivory without many frills except for a train on the back. In today’s society wedding gowns are not always white but are also other shades and colors. They also different because more brides are deciding to add frills to their wedding dresses in the form of defining the waistline by adding a color scheme as an accent by adding a bridal sash to their gown and sometimes to the gowns of her wedding party. They are doing this not to accent their waistline but to make their own unique sense of fashion. The brides of today want to make sure that they are personalizing their wedding dress but at the same time keeping their wedding dress classic yet elegant. Using a bridal sash is one way of doing this.

A bridal sash offers the bride a flexible style and color choice to accent their wedding dress and the bridesmaid and matron of honor dress. Some of the different styles of a bridal sashes include:

• A colored satin sash-this type of sash are some of the most popular choices used to create a spectacular style. Using a colored silky satin sash will add a delicate finish yet liven up the overall look of the wedding gown. One example is having a white or ivory sheath wedding gown which will look elegant with an earth toned satin sash that is styled into a beautiful bow with swaging ribbons. To finish off the look the center of the sash should have some beading detail.
• A sash styled in the back-this is a look that goes great with a wedding gown that has a full skirt and train. This bridal sash can be in the color of the wedding party but in a lighter shade and can help to compliment the wedding dress. The bridal party’s gowns could have a sash made of the same material and color as the bridal gown so they are complementing each other.
• A black sash-some may think that these types of sashes have no place at a wedding but adding a slim black bridal sash with beading details will help to transform the look of the wedding gown. Both the style and color are enhanced and will give the wedding gown a look of classic beauty and elegance.

When trying on your wedding gown experiment with a bridal sash of different styles, colors, and materials so you can see which bridal sash will add elegance to your special day.

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