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Delighting Best Wedding

Dancing in the Dark, Vexing in the Light

Dancing in the Dark, Vexing in the Light

I hold my breath, I hide from the sun
Never giving up the hope, the hope of love
The pretense would last forever if it has to
In your arms, I got broken
Waiting for you to notice the distance
The distance we will keep for eternity
We are scarred, no regrets yet
On and off, back and forth we go
Anticipation of the highest order
Love of the strongest order
Action exists not
The stars collide, rainbow is colourless
Once upon a time, future seemed so bright
I gave you my heart to keep
Still, you kept your distance
Love from afar, void comfort
You are so hard to love
No maze as complicated as you are
Dancing in the dark, I must have dropped a thousand waters
Were they tears?

Awaited the right time
When I hoped love would come
Healed with the stars, sought for comfort in the their wounds
Stood as a shield, stood as an island
I tried so you would not lose me, miss my love
Stayed strong for us
You needed much and I offered much more
I wanted more and you offered less
I envied you, your control and your sanity
You never cried, as you promised me
I cried for us both, cried for me
Our love shall remain in the dark
For all eternity we swore to miss each other
Standing as a guard, holding up the shield
You broke my walls, and I crumbled in your presence
Never to die alone, never to live apart
These were our vows, our mantra
Dancing in the dark, I must have caused a thousand waters
Were they tears?

I fell so hard my heart cracked
Your voice was too sonorous
Melody to my ears, knives to my heart
You made my eyes aglitter right from the start
I knew I could not have you, neither could I do without you
You were on top of the world, you had all the words
I needed you by my side
I fell, without promises
Without promises of a future
Without promises of a future of us
I remain the champion of the blame game
And the victim of the same game
The promises were all mine, the pain was all mine
I knew we wouldn’t get there, I believed otherwise
You failed to believe we would get there
I dreamed for both of us
I wished I were enough, enough for the trials
Wish I were, but was I?
Dancing in the dark, I must have dropped a thousand waters
Were they tears?
Now, I see the crystals clearly
Now, I see the thorns clearly
Now, I have to do without you, without your solace
Now, I know you failed me
I thought God took you from me
But no! You betrayed yourself
You betrayed us
A million regrets, just one wish
Wish we never met
Once I had seen you, I would be in you forever
I fell at first sight, was it love?
Thorns and crystals, I see
Clouds and glitters, I see
I felt everything so deeply
Oceans may seem like deserts when looked at from a distance
Angelo, amor cuerdo, no es amor
Angel, sane love is no love
Dancing in the dark, I must have caused a thousand waters
Were they tears?

I fell, I wasn’t pushed
Rather you tried pulling me up
You fearlessly dealt with the broken me
You kept quiet while I was agonized
I was too busy licking my wounds
Too busy to notice you, to notice you had wounded too
To notice the wounds I gave you
The hurt I caused, the love I ruined
The future I crushed, the tears I caused
I drowned in the sea of lovers
I noised over your silence
We are lost, I lost you
I miss you, your patience and silence
Your understanding and grace
I will never get my mind off you
I will never get over you, over your love
Beneath us lies a garden of nails
Now I am ready to face the future
Vexing in the light, I must have drawn a million bloods
Were they tears?