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Bridal Shower Favors and Wedding Shower Favors

Bridal Shower Favors and Wedding Shower Favors

What could be nicer or more fun than a bridal shower? The women and young women usually love them. There is usually much calling each other on the telephone discussing what to give trying to see that not everyone is giving the same gift and hoping the bride to be is going to be happy with their effort. Even though the maid of honor should host the bridal shower there might be several showers as family and friends complete with each other to make the bride’s wedding special.

An important aspect of the wedding shower is for the two families, the bride’s and the grooms to meet each other and for the groom’s family to meet the bride’s friends and get familiar with each other because it is going to be a long relationship. For the bridal shower some gifts might include gifts of a personal nature, maybe something to wear on her honeymoon, along with items for her new home with her husband. Usually it is the women that attend the shower and the groom has a party of his own that the men give him but it is not a shower. Have a camera and take plenty of pictures to be put up on a free wedding website and a little scrapbook could be made out for the bride as a keepsake.

Bridal shower favors must be included. These favors are necessary to thank the guests both for their gifts and of course for their attendance. Another use for the wedding shower favors is the games that are played at the shower; they are given out as little prizes. These games are commonly played as they are fun to participate in and it is something to do besides eat and have the bride open gifts it is also a good way to break the ice and get things going, and it makes the shower more memorable and enjoyable.

Wedding shower favors will probably be of a little different nature than the favors given at the actual wedding, since this is usually a party for the women; although some of them might be the same. With this in mind perfumed soap, simple inexpensive pieces of jewelry, fragrant body lotion or power and other items of a more personal nature for women might be given along with earring trees etc… It is nice to have a theme for the wedding shower as this may help give you ideas for the bridal shower favors. For the theme think about the bride to be and what her interests might be and this goes for the colors also, but remember the main idea is for everyone to enjoy himself or herself.

Whoever hosts the shower need not spend a fortune on the bridal shower favors. You can give little low cost gifts like candy bars with a personalized wrapper, or gifts for the kitchen for the married women such as a vegetable peeler with a cute saying attached to it. Party favors can be personalized with the bride and grooms name and the date of the wedding on them. Try to make your favors on the unique side so they stand out. Think of something different, perhaps packages of gourmet hot chocolate or very small packages of gourmet coffee if there are coffee lovers in the group.

It is a good idea to have some bridal favors for any men that might turn up, usually there are a few there anyway for one reason or another, so be sure and have them. If there is a grandfather living in the house make sure he is included, he may not care for all of it but see to it he comes to the luncheon or at least has a plate of food carried to him if he does not want to come at all and has a chance to see the bride open her gifts.