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Are Same-Sex Wedding Favors Different Than Traditional Wedding Favors?

Are Same-Sex Wedding Favors Different Than Traditional Wedding Favors?

Truth be told, if you are looking for same sex, gay or lesbian wedding favors, your not going to find many same sex specific wedding favors out there. The fact of the matter is, same sex weddings don’t differ from heterosexual weddings all that much. For the most part, gay weddings are essentially the same. Both weddings will have a ceremony and a reception. The wedding style of the couple can be traditional or creative and unique. The wedding depends on the style and personality of the couple, not their sexual orientation.

If you really are interested in finding same sex wedding favors, options are out there but they are limited. The bulk of same sex wedding favors is mainly limited to those that can be printed: mint tins, chocolate bars, food items,and custom labels. There are very few other items out there specifically for same sex marriages. You may find a unique cake topper with two women or two men, but then again, since these weddings are essentially the same, many gay couples may just opt for gender neutral wedding favors and accessories.

So then, what then is all this talk about the wedding industry benefiting from the states allowing same sex weddings? The wedding favor and accessory section of the industry is not capatilaizing on these weddings at the moment, because a wedding is a wedding, and couples regardless of sexuality, should be treated the same and should have the same options available.

What’s hot at the moment then for wedding favors? Eco-friendly wedding favors are “in” and very trendy at the moment. Offering your guests a new blue spruce tree or flower seeds is very symbolic of a wedding – you are planting new life. Anything organic, “green”, all natural and environmentally friendly is one of many options for your favors. Also appropriate and trendy are edible favors, silver and crystal items. But whatever you choose for your nuptials, it should reflect the personalities of the couple – and how they want their guests to remember their wedding.