5 Dating Tips for Man and Woman

5 Dating Tips for Man and Woman

The Top 5 Dating Tips

Here are 5 practical tips to help you get more dates…

Dating Tip 1 – It’s a numbers game
You must meet lots of potential partners.

You aren’t going to be compatible with everyone. In fact you’re likely to be truly compatible with less than 0.2% of people. So there’s no point dating a few times, feeling rejected because you haven’t found someone to have a relationship with and giving up.

You can put all the following dating tips into practice, you can have the flirting skills of Sean Connery, the conversational skills of Davina McCall, but if you aren’t making yourself available for a significant number of dates, you’re never going to win the dating game.

If you aren’t out there looking for dates or going on dates 2 or 3 times a week, ask yourself why?

Dating Tip 2 – Where to find dates
There are great places to go and rubbish places to find loads of potential dates. It comes back to numbers again.

If you don’t like socialising, or going on dating events and prefer to meet people through your hobbies – you’d better make sure you’re hobby is not Bolivian stamp collecting. Find the best places to get the big numbers of potential dates and use them.

If you shy away from using the best places, you’re seriously reducing your chances of finding great dates and relationships.

Dating Tip 3 – Make a great first impression
Whether your potential date sees you first in a photograph, across a speed dating table or in a dingily lit bar, you’d better be looking your best if you’re out and about.

For those gifted few, style and taste come naturally. They know their body shapes, how best to disguise and emphasise. If you aren’t sure if you’ve got those skills naturally, I’d suggest getting a makeover. At least then you’ll have the principles nailed down of what you should and shouldn’t wear. And it makes a big difference.

The very first hurdle that everyone faces in the dating game is that of physical attraction. You can substantially increase or slash your physical attractiveness by what you wear and if what you’re wearing isn’t doing you any favours you are unwittingly shedding lots of potential dates.

If you can’t afford a makeover, get Trinny and Susannah’s first book (What Not to Wear and get your friends to confirm your body shape and colour choices according to their principles.

Dating Tip 4 – Getting to meet your date
Ideally you’d always be in an environment where meeting your date is a natural situation. That’s why night classes or friends parties are great – the introductions happen more naturally.

However, if you’re out at a bar or see someone in the street that you would kill to meet, then you’re going to need to approach them and introduce yourself.

Again, like style, some people are able to do this naturally and without fear. If you’re not one of them, I’d suggest you learn what you need to do improve your ability to approach people. Let’s be honest, there’s only so many friends parties and night classes you can go to – and most of the opportunities to meet potential dates happen outside of them.

Dating Tip 5 – Dating conversation matters
Let’s assume you both fancy each other physically. The most important thing that decides whether the two of you will end up on a date together is your compatibility. However, it is possible for you to be compatible but still not hit it off. How?

Because your conversation fails you.

If you get tongue tied when you talk to gorgeous looking people or if the content of what you say is drier than a dog biscuit, you may be missing out on partners who you’d get on brilliantly with if only you could get past that first introduction.

Great dating conversation is a learnable skill – all it takes is following a few key principles and a bit of practice.