3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets

When it comes to proposing, it is only natural that everyone thinks about the engagement ring. But as it will sit alongside the wedding ring, it is crucial you consider what the wedding band will be like as well. To ensure that the rings look great together and sit comfortably on her finger without knocking each other around, the smart choice is to buy a matching engagement ring and wedding band set.

Matching engagement and wedding sets are very romantic because they symbolize the two of you, nestled in perfect harmony, reflecting each other yet still totally different. Usually the bands of the two rings are straight and flat, with some special texture or patterning worked into the design so that they look like a set. Bridal ring sets are often made in unusual metal combinations, such as two tone gold, or rose gold.

Sometimes, the engagement and wedding rings are styled together so that they interlock perfectly. In these cases, it is not uncommon for the bands to have cut out loops or interlocking twists. These look very attractive on the finger, because the loops and twists ensure that the rings sit together perfectly. However, before you choose one of these stylish sets, make sure you avoid the three most common pitfalls.

1. When two rings are styled together so that they have looks and cut-away sections complementing each other, they may look odd when worn alone. This is less of a problem during the engagement period because the loops may add to the attractiveness of the gemstones. However, if your future wife will want, or need, to wear her wedding band on its own from time to time, she will probably not want one with a cut away band which looks strange without the engagement ring.

2. A third ring will not sit comfortably alongside the twisted or looped out style of the bridal ring. So if you think you will buy her an eternity ring some way down the line, or if she is likely to add another ring, such as a family heirloom alongside her engagement and wedding rings, this is important. You will need to have an eternity ring custom made to fit at a later date, which may be difficult to do, and expensive.

3. Remember that the most important thing about an engagement ring should be the cut of the central gemstone. Do not get carried away with your desire to buy a matching set. Certain diamond cuts will narrow your choice of ring sets, especially if she likes the more unusual marquise, pear or heart shapes. Do not buy her something she will not like simply to buy a matching engagement and wedding ring set.

And if you truly want to spoil your lady, why not customize the rings by adding a romantic inscription to show how much you care? She will be flattered by how much thought you have put in.