One of the most important things in getting a dream wedding is choosing the right wedding photographer. What are the tips for choosing a wedding photographer? There are many tips for choosing a wedding photographer to be used as a reference. Photographers do have a strategic function. Especially to make wedding memories that last a lifetime.

9 Tips to Find your Perfect Wedding Photographer

  1. Look for References and Recommendations on Instagram, Google, or Other Social Media
    Tips for finding a wedding photographer The first thing you have to do is look for references about the best wedding photographers. These references can be found on the internet or social media. You can also ask for recommendations from family or close friends.

Collect references and recommendations from friends in a list. You can study each photographer on the list before making your choice. Remember to be careful when choosing. Because the photographer plays a very important role in producing the most beautiful memories on the wedding day.

Apart from Instagram, we can also search via Google. Usually, when we type in the keyword “wedding photographer” Google will display a number of wedding photographer sites that are close to where we live.

Well, that could be a material consideration for using their services.

  1. Study the results of the photos
    After you get a list of recommended wedding photographers, you need to study the photos. If the photographer has a web page, then study the photos on that page. Or if the portfolio is on social media, you are also required to study the resulting photos.
    Usually, the tastes of photographers are different from ours. There are some photographers who like to take photos with bright lighting. There are also those who are happy with the foggy and dark style. You only need to adjust to your taste.
  2. Find a Matching Feeling in the Photos
    In looking at existing portfolios, you have to find a feeling that fits in each of the existing photos. Because the one who knows what kind of memories to have at a wedding is you yourself. So you have to find a match for the photos of the photographer of your choice.
  3. Considering the Essence and Philosophy of Photos
    Photography is a part of art. For that, you need to consider the essence and philosophy of the photographer you will choose. This is something very important. This is because the relationship between the bride and groom and the photographer must be closely intertwined so that the results of the photos will be satisfying.
    Read their profile carefully. If you have decided on a photographer, don’t forget to invite them to chat and find out more about their philosophy. This is important to determine whether the philosophy is in accordance with the concept of marriage that you want.
  4. Choose a Photographer According to Your Wedding Concept
    You certainly have a concept on the marriage that will be lived, right? For that, you need to find a quality wedding photographer that is suitable for every concept you have.
    For example, you want to hold a wedding with the concept of a garden party. Of course you will need a photographer who is used to processing photos with natural backgrounds. Likewise when you want to have a party in the building. You definitely need a photographer who is good at lighting indoors.
    In addition to the ability of a photographer, the concept also greatly affects the results of the photo. The concept that you arrange must match the capabilities of the photographer himself.
  5. Read in detail what packages are offered
    Be a smart bride by perusing the packages on offer. Pay attention to every detail of the service you will receive from the photographer. Usually, on a web page or social media page, they will include prices and the services to be provided.
    Some things that must be considered are the working time of the photographer (whether starting from pre-wedding or only at weddings). How many photo albums will be received, how many studios will be used, and so on.
    This is important to do in order to prevent misunderstandings after signing the contract. You certainly don’t want to fight with the photographer just because of a misunderstanding due to not being careful, do you?
  6. Test the Proficiency and Skill of the Photographer
    The next thing you need to do is test the ability of the photographer himself. Nowadays, a photo is very easy to edit. So you have to be careful in choosing a photographer.
    Indeed, editing in a photo is natural. But if you only rely on editing without qualified photographing skills, it’s the same as lying. Take photo tests in various lighting conditions. This is to find out the lighting ability of the photographer himself. You certainly don’t want the results of your wedding photos to be too dark or even too bright, right?
  7. Recognize the Photographic Equipment Used
    It’s not mandatory, but it’s better if you can do it. If you have an understanding of photography, there’s nothing wrong with asking about the tools to be used. Different cameras will produce photos with different sharpness.
    Likewise with lighting equipment and techniques that will be used. This will have a big effect on the results of the photo. It never hurts to discuss this with the photographer. Or if you don’t have knowledge about photography, you can ask a friend who understands more for help.
  8. Consider the Price Offered
    One thing that cannot be overlooked, of course, is the price. You have to consider the price with your budget and the services you will get. Will it be in accordance with the wishes or is it expensive. Be a smart bride by being able to allocate expenses that are in line with the existing budget. Choosing a wedding photographer is not easy. Don’t hesitate to switch photographers if the results aren’t what you want. Don’t hesitate to emphasize what kind of photo you want to get at the wedding. Because marriage is something that happens once in a lifetime.
    So, here are some tips on choosing a wedding photographer that you can do. Choose the best photographer for the wedding day. Don’t forget to adjust to the budget, OK? Congratulations on your happy marriage

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